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happy new year 2014

Below is an extract from an  important Message  from Carol Ann C’iocco

2014 begins with a bang as there is a powerful New Moon in Capricorn on January 1, 2014. To have a new moon fall on the Gregorian calendar’s first day hasn’t happened for 19 years.

New Moons hold the energy of new beginnings, so this timing aligns nicely with the sometimes refreshing quality of New Years Day, when many of us look ahead and see a blank slate of 365 days before us, full of potential.

Setting intention for how you would like to change your life and find more purpose and success is all the more perfect for this New Years Day. Write out your goals, make a list of what you’d like to accomplish in 2014. The actual, true energetic beginning of any year is the seasonal new-life moment of Spring Equinox (in March for the northern hemisphere). But January 1, 2014 offers a real whoosh of new energy to set us on our course, for some practical thinking and intention-setting.


Happy New Year

Wishing you all a Great New Year’s Eve &

Peace, Happiness & Abundance

in 2014 & Beyond



Why You are Here and How to Live



In your Life as a Human Being on Earth there are things to be learned about how best to live and how to be an agent of truth.  You can take things, both “good” and “bad”, and bring them inside yourself to become the foundation for creativity, and then re-introduce them outside as your means of change.

Re-work your experiences and treat them as works of art.

You can transform the “hurts” and perceived wrongs in your personal life by going into your inner space of unchanging peace and love.  Through going deep within and using your talents and energy, you can transform your joys and your pains into teachings, which emanate or manifest as beauty, light, energy & wisdom, which are rippled out into society.

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The Roaring 20s Flappers

FlapperPhoto Credit

The last post includes head shots of me at my work Christmas Function this year.  I am wearing a beautiful fun red dress from the Roaring 20s, as worn by the “Flappers”. Work had kindly organised a Pixie Foto booth thing where two at a time had portrait shots taken and each were given a strip of 4 small photos.  Photos were supplied on a CD also.  Props were supplied too but of course I didn’t need any.

I like to make an effort and dress up a little for these gatherings which I find pleasant enough with a relaxed air abetted by plenty of alcoholic drinks for many present, except myself as I can only manage half a glass of wine, LOL.

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Happy Christmas 2013


Wishing all a Peaceful & Joyous Festive Season


  May you be Blessed and share your Blessings


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Cavalia – Beautiful & Breathtaking

cavalia poster

cavalia water scene

The Media reported that the Equestrian Artistic Show CAVALIA is beautiful and breathtaking, and I found it to be just that.

Perth, Western Australia is fortunate to be graced with several Cavalia performances in 2013, and my sister and I attended the matinee show on Sunday 15 December.   Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide have been added to Cavalia’s first ever Australian tour in 2013.

The lavish production, which has been seen by over four million people in Northern America and Europe, explores the relationship between humans and horses through the ages and features 48 horses and 36 riders, aerialists, acrobats, dancers and musicians from all over the world.

A constantly changing digital background projected onto a 60 metre-wide screen is designed to draw audiences into a dream-like world and a 50 metre-wide stage gives the horses enough space to gallop at full speed.

Cavalia is held in the largest touring tent in the world – a white, 2,440-square-metre big top, which rises about 35 metres high.

I can sum up my experience of Cavalia in a word  –  “unforgettable”.

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snowman cupcake

Christmas “Snowman” Cup Cake from   Maven Espresso,  Perth Western Australia.   I took the sugar Snowman off as I couldn’t bear to eat it, and popped it in its plastic container in the freezer, to try to preserve it.  I remember when I was younger, looking up how to make sugar art creations, particularly sugar egg moldings.   Look at the beautiful sugar flowers below –  amazing !

sugar art flowersPhoto Source:   Cafe Expressions and Sugar Craft

You can read parts of the book   “The International School of Sugar Craft”   on Google Books, if you like.

Instructables   is a great site and shows you how to make Peekaboo Sugar Eggs.

If only I were that  …. clever …. and patient !!    You will need to register with the Instructables Site in order to download a PDF document of the instructions.

The site says this about the Eggs.

Traditionally given as Easter gifts, panorama or peekaboo sugar eggs are impressive and inexpensive to make. The primary building material is sugar and most of the specialized equipment can be swapped out for basic home tools. Time is what you’ll invest the most in this project — both for creating the eggs and for drying between steps.

The eggs look wonderful and bright and pretty, and I love looking at the Steps to make them.   They say that their finished egg does not need refrigeration, but it should be kept dry. It is made from sugar and royal icing, which doesn’t spoil easily, so wrapped in plastic, the egg should keep indefinitely.  It’s not a White Christmas here “Down Under” of course, as it is our Summer, but the Snowman is so beautifully crafted and so, well, sweet, that I couldn’t bear to eat him – just yet anyway.


Happy Sugar Art Creating or Eating, whichever you like to do.