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Why You are Here and How to Live



In your Life as a Human Being on Earth there are things to be learned about how best to live and how to be an agent of truth.  You can take things, both “good” and “bad”, and bring them inside yourself to become the foundation for creativity, and then re-introduce them outside as your means of change.

Re-work your experiences and treat them as works of art.

You can transform the “hurts” and perceived wrongs in your personal life by going into your inner space of unchanging peace and love.  Through going deep within and using your talents and energy, you can transform your joys and your pains into teachings, which emanate or manifest as beauty, light, energy & wisdom, which are rippled out into society.

inner peace shifu

When you are stressed or depressed, call upon your High Consciousness or Higher Self & your High Creativity for change.

You can reach a place of pure happiness by realising that the pain of loss originates from there being something in the outer world that you truly want and connect to so deeply that, even if subconsciously, you want it never to change.

So look inside and come to the place of inner peace that does not change, your unchanging centre or core.  From here expand ….

Guidance is available from your Higher Self which connects you to all, and from your Spirit Guides and Teachers, if you ask.

You are here on Earth at this time to add your own particular energy signature and to help change the world around you by adding your light.

You have the strength of your inner Self if you would but look to your own inner Soul for the respect, appreciation, honouring and praise that you so desire.  It is all right here inside.

Cut loose the ties that bind you, for as you are fully responsible for your spiritual Self, so is each person fully responsible for her or his own Self.  Each person chooses her or his emotional and other responses.

All of Life is spirit in matter form, and we are Spirit Be-ings manifested in human form.  Look after your body temple through exercise, rest and good food, and through connecting to your core of peace and love.

Your desire to find a place of no change, where you can stop and rest, is fulfilled instantly by connecting to your High Heart or your Soul and knowing that you are loved.

Go out into the world looking to shine your Truth, whether or not it is appreciated or respected or honoured or not.  You do make a change, in fact you are an enormous agent of change.

Expect nothing except love and wisdom from your own Soul.  Your High Self and High Creativity will help you make better decisions in your Earthly outer life, and will help you manage your personal relationships and your interactions with people.

You have the choice.  You have the inner strength to rise above pettiness and self-created gaps in your self-love or self-esteem.

You have an inner Soul knowing of how to turn a lemon into a lemonade, of how to guide and to shape or direct actions immediately around you in a kind yet purposeful and direct way, using clear communication about what you want and about what is.

Do not hesitate, or be afraid to shine your Light.  Open up and realise that you, as we all are, are meant to have great happiness and enjoyment on Earth, while living together in peace and harmony.  Peace, contentment, happy relationships & experiences, and gentle learning, are your Birthright.

You may yearn for worldwide peace and for human beings to live together in happiness and harmony with Earth, and that is okay.  But know, at the same time, that your unique expression creates gems or jewels that transmute energy and anchors or brings Light into the World.  Your energy is needed.

The outer results arise from the collective, and as more individuals are waking up to their true power arising from their inner peace, the Light is spreading and transforming structures.

Grace is with you when you live effortlessly knowing you are doing your best, and that while your inner peace never changes, the World around you is changing.

Be at ease.  Be in Love.



Author: Star Wise

Bookaholic and Peace-aholic, and Animal lover, I try to spread peace and fairness for all, and appreciation of, and proper use of the wonderful world we live in. Mitakuye Oyasin - we are all related.

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