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Hopman Cup 2013 / 2014 – Solid Gold Tennis Racquet Trophy Prize !


See my Post  Hopman Cup Winners 2015  for photos of the actual tennis racquet trophies.
hopman cup tennis racquet trophy

For the first time in 25 years the Hyundai Hopman Cup has revealed new trophies for 2014, which have been handcrafted by the tournament’s new official jeweller – Solid Gold Diamonds.  The bespoke pieces have been created in the shape of an intricate tennis racket, using just under an ounce of 18-carat white, yellow and rose gold.

Please go to  Solid Gold’s News page   for more information.  You can see the size of these trophies by looking at my post on Hopman Cup 2015 Winners.

If you have trouble getting to the correct page on Solid Gold’s website, click on “News” at the top right, then on “Go to News Archive” and under the “Telethon Pendant” you will see their news article for the new Hopman Cup trophy.

UPDATE @ 4 Jan 2018the Solid Gold News pages are no longer there, but a Google search reveals a fantastic video of how these beautiful trophies are made, in the Solid Gold Blog.  Click on the link below for details about the Tennis Racquet trophies & a video of how they are made by Solid Gold crafts-men.


Not only will the winning male & female receive one of these gorgeous Trophies valued at $26,000 each, but she and he will also receive jewellery designed like the trophies.


Solid Gold Diamond Jewellers are located in Perth,   Western Australia  and they posted on their Facebook Page  on  30 December 2013 that  stunning pendants for women and tie pins for men will be available in limited numbers to the public at their Perth Showroom.  See the “Solid Gold’s News page” link above for information.

Well, I think they are available for the rich – or at least for anyone whom has a spare few thousand dollars to spare.

Maybe I’ll head over there one day just to look and wish.  Solid Gold Diamonds was founded in 1983 & is one of WA’s most trusted diamond jewellery retailers.    Their new showroom is at 726 Hay Street Mall, Perth.  I love their adverts on television.

2018 Update – some more interesting links about Solid Gold & the Hopman Cup trophies


I wanted to just post the links to their Facebook posts above but somehow had to embed the Posts.  The one above shows just how beautiful the jewellery is.  If you click on the any of the pictures above, it should take you directly to the FB post ….. one can order a “bespoke” or a once off customized jewellery piece from Solid Gold Diamonds.

I wish that someone spoke for me by speaking that they would buy me a pendant !


As far as the allocation of the cash prizes go for the Hopman Cup teams,  GrandSlamGal   shares the break-down for the 2012 tournament, as follows.

In 2012, the $USD 1,000,000 prize money was allocated based on the number of group wins each team has during the round robin style event.

  • Base compensation: $45,000
  • Group wins: $10,000 each
  • Runners Up: $20,000
  • Winners: $50,000

I think this means that the winners each receive $105,000 each, and the runners-up win $75,000 each.

The Hopman Cup is a very unique and great tennis tournament,  cherished by the people of Perth, with interesting rules.

The 2012 / 2013 tournament was held at the new  Perth Arena.

I attended a Day Session of the 2012 / 2013 series, on 3rd January 2013 .  You can read about my wonderful experience at  THIS  post, and see a picture of the stunning diamond studded white gold tennis ball trophies that were the coveted prizes up until the 2013 / 2014 tournament !

The Hopman Cup –  not a “Grand Slam” but a terrific tennis tournament, with great star-studded players like Novak Djokovic ( one of my favourites, and alas, a player who hasn’t won a Gold Ball trophy).    The Hopman Cup has the BEST trophy, so I think.

And let’s not forget Lucy Hopman, of course, 93 years old this year.    You can  see a wonderful photo  of her with Ana Ivanovic and Novak Djokovic on 1st January 2013 at the New Year’s Eve Ball for the 2012 / 2013 tournament on the official Hopman Cup Website.    The photo is from the Hopman Cup’s Gallery  –   see the Gallery HERE.


What happened to the Tennis Racquet Trophies ??



tennis balll with trophies

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