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Squid Lips, Candy Cows & Margaret River

Entrance to Lake Cave Western AustraliaMy partner and I spent a lovely 3 nights away recently in Margaret River, at the beautiful Riverside Tourist Park in Willmott Avenue, a stone’s throw away from the Town centre! We left the suburbs of Perth around 11.00 am on Thursday 23rd April and arrived at our new temporary residence 3 hours later.

Margaret_River_Town_MapOur domicile was a small 2 person chalet, number 15, quite close to the Office. The park consists of a great number of different accommodation arrangements, to accommodate singles, couples and families, and includes lovely awesome cottages alongside the Margaret River.

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Pretty in Yellow & Red

Yellow cupcake


Yesterday I got a lovely surprise at work, when a colleague kindly gave me this beautiful and tasty Cup-cake from Maven Espresso Cafe for a “treat”.   I was hungry and so after taking photos of this work of art, I ate it.   I do have a sweet tooth.  I have probably tried every type of cup-cake from Maven by now.  I love and appreciate them all.

For more photos and information about Maven’s sweet delights, please see  THIS  post.


Of Boats and Birds, of Fremantle & Fishing


John Steinbeck wrote “Of Mice and Men”, here I am writing of “boats and birds” and of “Fremantle and Fishing”.   The above photo (click to see it larger) was taken by me of a Crested Tern bird at the South Mole (harbour) of Fremantle city, in Western Australia.   A “Mole” in harbour terms is a massive wall built out into the sea to protect a shore or harbour from the force of waves.

Sean and I went fishing there, arriving by 6.00am, Friday 31st January 2014 (the start of Chinese New Year 2014 / 2015 ) because I had looked up the tides and best fishing days on the internet and advised him it was a time of high fish activity, after the “Super Moon.”

Well, Life is funny, because we hardly caught anything, as opposed to when we went last which was on the Public Holiday for Australia Day, Monday 27th January 2014.  He caught about 12 fish then, and you can read   what happened to two of those fish  at my other Blog, Fascinating Animals, if you really want to.

When I say “Life is funny”, of course I mean Life is curious, and it was due to curiosity that having photographed a huge cargo ship coming into Fremantle, see photos below, that I went to the trusty Internet to look up details about it.

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Late Afternoon Mosaic at Fremantle, Western Australia

Fremantle Sunset taken 6.16pm, 7/02/2014 Fremantle Sunset taken 6.16pm, 7/03/2014   

“Tall Ship” at Fremantle taken 6.20pm, 7/02/2014	“Tall Ship” at Fremantle taken 6.20pm, 7/03/2014       

This shot is of a “tall ship” or Leeuwin II Sailboat / Yacht sailing out into the Sunset.  You can  book a three hour tour   on one of these marvelous ships, run by The Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation, from November until late April.

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Happy Christmas 2013


Wishing all a Peaceful & Joyous Festive Season


  May you be Blessed and share your Blessings


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Full Moon and Spring or Winter Equinox 2013

Full Moon September 2013

The September Equinox  occurs on 22nd or 23rd September 2013, depending upon where you live.  The Equinox happens when Earth’s poles are the same distance from the Sun.  On this day there are roughly 12 hrs of day and 12 hrs of night.   In the Southern Hemisphere where I live, it is of course called the Spring Equinox as we are in Spring now, heading into Summer.  In the Northern Hemisphere it is called the Autumn Equinox.

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The Pale Blue Dot Again – Professor Brian Cox & the Universe

Part One


Last night my partner and I went to the PCEC   ( Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre )  to hear U.K. Prof. Brian Cox, Particle Physicist, talk about physics and the cosmos.  The talk ran for 3 hours from 8pm to 11pm.  While we loved the talk and the PCEC and the Riverside Theatre where the talk was held, it was a bit of a torture finding parking and leaving the car park later.

We went into the PCEC car park via Mill Street off St Georges Terrace, where there were Traffic lights.  We drove around for a while, not having driven there before, wondering where the heck all the supposed empty car bays were and wondering which way to go.  Then my partner intelligently saw some bays toward the very back of the car park so we headed that way and got a park.  Luckily, we had left our house at 6.45pm for a journey into “town” as we call it (the City) which only takes about 30 minutes, so we had plenty of time for finding parking.

As usual, I was concerned about finding our car once we needed it again (not surprising given my lack of sense of navigation, e.g. once when I was a student at Murdoch University, I could not remember where I had parked in the many car parks there, and I must have spent 45 minutes at least wandering around looking for my car until I found it).  We looked for a number and found an 8 on one of the columns but amongst the confusion (or stress) we did not take note of the fact that there was a car bay number actually on the ground of the car bay.

Anyhow, happily, we found we were directly in line with a big room with glass windows in which there was a “bank” or array of video cameras, of course being part of the security of the Convention Centre.  We followed the sign to the “Lift and Stairs” and went past the Paying Station and up the stairs, or was it down the stairs?

To my surprise, we emerged outdoors but just around the corner from the front of the Centre, so in due time we went into the PCEC and followed the huge letter signs on the walls to the Riverside Theatre.  We went past a couple of Bars – i.e. stalls or counters set up as bars – at which a few people lingered.

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Swan-Lake-St-Petersburg-programme cover

Front cover of the Swan Lake Programme for performance at His Majesty’s Theatre

On Saturday 3rd August 2013, I was fortunate enough to see the Matinee ( 2pm ) performance of the St Petersburg Ballet’s performance of Tchaikovsky’s classic “Swan Lake”.

Swan Lake is the world’s most loved ballet and the St Petersburg Ballet is one of the world’s finest ballet companies. First performed in 1895, Swan Lake with its unrivalled “white acts”, its spectacular and dramatic Ballroom scene, sublime music and deeply moving story, is the ballet that towers above all others.

The St Petersburg Ballet has returned to Perth, Western Australia, for the first time in nearly a decade for seven performances only, at the wonderful old “His Majesty’s Theatre” in the Perth CBD.

These performances are presented by Theatre Tours Australia.

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Tri-eclipses: Annular Solar Eclipse – Red Centre (Australia) Ring of Fire


May 4, 2013  – a message from Carol Ann C’iocco

Hi everyone, as you know from my last newsletter (http://ow.ly/kvztG) we are in the middle of a Tri-eclipse portal which spans April 25 – May 25, 2013. The bookend eclipses are minor lunar eclipses which serve as subtle doorways in and out of the portal.  But the central eclipse – coming up this Thursday and Friday May 9 and 10 – is an Annular Solar Eclipse and is very powerful both in its visual quality and its effects.   A “Ring of Fire Eclipse” occurs when the new moon passes between Earth and sun and blocks most, but not all, of the sun’s disc.

2013 Apr 25: Partial Lunar Eclipse

2013 May 10: Annular Solar Eclipse

2013 May 25: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

2013 Oct 18: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

2013 Nov 03: Hybrid Solar Eclipse

The dates above are taken from the NASA website. 

Please see more information at NASA’s link   HERE.




Also,    Elizabeth Peru   has excellent information about the tri-eclipse period.   Go to her newsletter page for information, and sign up to receive Newsletters.

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Sunset at Fremantle, Western Australia

Sunset at Fremantle

Here is a photo of the Sun going down at Fremantle, Western Australia.   I took it with my HTC Wildfire mobile telephone at 7.15pm on Tuesday 28th January 2013.   It was a Public Holiday here Down Under for “Australia Day.”

Below is a photo of a section of the water of the Indian Ocean at Fremantle, showing it as dark navy blue.

Ocean at Fremantle

And following –    are photos of a huge ship, the Taiko Tonisberg, that we saw come into the Harbour (probably carrying cars).


Taiko Tonisberg ship

Taiko Tonisberg ship

Wallenius Wilhelmsen3

Wallenius Wilhelmsen at Fremantle, Western Australia, 28 January 2013

Sunset at Fremantle Jan 2013

I loved seeing the Tug boat with the ship, but by the time I got around working out how to use the camera on my phone I didn’t get a good close up photo of the impressive Tug boat.  I took the photo of the ocean (cropped above) because I was trying to take a photo of a tern (bird) swooping into the water to pick up a fish, but I missed that photo opportunity too.   Anyhow, the first sunset photo is cropped, and just above is the original photo that I took in full.

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Totality – Solar Eclipse at Palm Grove, Queensland

Total Solar Eclipse 14 November 2012

From Sky News

During the new moon of 14th November 2012 we  experienced a Total Solar Eclipse…. where the moon moves between the Earth and Sun, obscuring Earth’s view of the Sun.

The energy of a Solar Eclipse ‘obscures’ the now or potential future, and allows one to reflect on the past.  Not to drag up old energy, or relive painful events or experiences, but rather to positively reassess where you have been and use this knowledge to re-adjust your path moving forward.  Solar Eclipse’s create the potential for huge personal and hence planetary transformations.

It is a time to release the egoic need of power struggles, destruction of life and pain and suffering.   It represents a return of the feminine, in order to balance the male and female polarity in humanity and foster oneness.  Oneness in our hearts and minds, oneness in our physical and spiritual selves, and oneness of our selves with all creation.

May this powerful Solar Eclipse burn off the remaining debris of all old patterns and ways of thinking, allowing us to rise from the ashes ‘new’ and free…



The path of totality for this eclipse will only be visible in parts of extreme northern Australia and the southern Pacific Ocean. A partial eclipse will be visible in most parts of eastern Australia and New Zealand. The umbra shadow of the eclipse first touches earth in Arnherm Land at the northeast corner of the Northern Territory. The Arnherm Region was declared an Aboriginal Reserve in 1931, one of Australia’s largest reserves, known for its isolation and its people’s strong traditions and art. The Yolngu people of the northeast are one of Australia’s largest indigenous groups. (See Part 3 of this newsletter series for more information on the Aboriginal influence of this eclipse.)The city of Cairns is a good place to witness the total eclipse (not partial) as it is only 11 mi south of the center line. The eclipse shadow will sweep forward from there, with the instant of greatest eclipse occurring over the Pacific Ocean.  REFERENCE – CAROL ANN C’IOCCO

Source:     http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs166/1101472333529/archive/1111450439640.html

Living in Western Australia, I didn’t get to see the Eclipse (with eclipse glasses) but I did feel its effects !!

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The Great Storm of Perth – 2010

Following on from my last post talking about the “Great Storm of Perth” (accessible  here ), above is a great photo of orange-yellow clouds taken on the day of the Great Storm of Perth on 22 March 2010, at 7.19pm.  This one was taken by my sister, using her Nikon digital camera!    Below are some more photos taken from the Internet.

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Are you going to Scarborough Beach?

The Beach

The beach is a vertical cross-section

of jewels and mother-earth

The sea is sapphire-blue

The “top-soil” is burnished gold

by the setting sun

Beneath it runs a seam of milky opal

The opal lies on precious

silver grains of sand

and a film of mother-of-pearl shimmers

at my bare feet

Written by Celine

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Sunset at Scarborough Beach

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