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snowman cupcake

Christmas “Snowman” Cup Cake from   Maven Espresso,  Perth Western Australia.   I took the sugar Snowman off as I couldn’t bear to eat it, and popped it in its plastic container in the freezer, to try to preserve it.  I remember when I was younger, looking up how to make sugar art creations, particularly sugar egg moldings.   Look at the beautiful sugar flowers below –  amazing !

sugar art flowersPhoto Source:   Cafe Expressions and Sugar Craft

You can read parts of the book   “The International School of Sugar Craft”   on Google Books, if you like.

Instructables   is a great site and shows you how to make Peekaboo Sugar Eggs.

If only I were that  …. clever …. and patient !!    You will need to register with the Instructables Site in order to download a PDF document of the instructions.

The site says this about the Eggs.

Traditionally given as Easter gifts, panorama or peekaboo sugar eggs are impressive and inexpensive to make. The primary building material is sugar and most of the specialized equipment can be swapped out for basic home tools. Time is what you’ll invest the most in this project — both for creating the eggs and for drying between steps.

The eggs look wonderful and bright and pretty, and I love looking at the Steps to make them.   They say that their finished egg does not need refrigeration, but it should be kept dry. It is made from sugar and royal icing, which doesn’t spoil easily, so wrapped in plastic, the egg should keep indefinitely.  It’s not a White Christmas here “Down Under” of course, as it is our Summer, but the Snowman is so beautifully crafted and so, well, sweet, that I couldn’t bear to eat him – just yet anyway.


Happy Sugar Art Creating or Eating, whichever you like to do.


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