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Crystal Grids

Here I will put photos of crystal grids, with credit and acknowledgement to the original sources, and copy-right clearance where required.

Crystal grid for letting go off an ex-partner, by Ethan Lazzerini



Ethan has written 3 excellent books about crystals.  Find out more about his books at his website –

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Jason Deegan –  crystal grids


Crystal grid for Healing – Orange Calcite (center) – cleanses and sooths the body 6 Clear Quartz points- dispels illness, and amplifies healing 3 Prehnite- gently relieves symptoms of illness, and heals the direct cause 3 Green Fluorite- sucks up unwanted illness, and gives you clarity 6 Amethyst- aka the “Master Healer,” absorbs toxic energies 6 Serpentine- releases the root cause of any dis-ease.


Monetary Prosperity and Abundance Crystal Grid  – 1 Carnelian (center)- to make you and your business more attractive, enhances creativity 6 Citrine- aka the “Merchant’s Stone,” draws prosperity and abundance 4 Green Aventurine – increase health, wealth, and luck 4 Nephrite Jade- attracts good fortune and blessings, especially monetary ones 4 Lapis Lazuli- stone of royalty and glamour. Attracts customers, and helps you feel empowered.

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Rose quartz, clear quartz, celestite grid for Peace, by Jacqueline Mary Piper


Abundance grid-hamsa-wood

My Abundance grid.  It is based upon a hamsa wood round (from Sage Goddess) which has small crystals attached to the fingers, and a citrine piece in the centre.

I added my own crystals for the 4 elements around it, and I surrounded the wood with mini onyx fruit, painted pebbles, a baby in a bark bed, tea-light candles and a bottle of gold flakes (with a moose on top).

Love and Abundance Crystal grid

Love and Abundance Crystal Grid –  by Des Sim.

Rose quartz, amethyst, angelite, clear quartz.


Heart Chakra grid : rose quartz heart, clear quartz, green aventurine, rhodocrosite.

Courtesy: Charged Crystals

Amazing crystal hearts from Jamie Lee: https://www.facebook.com/lavaandgemstonesbyjlee