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I have been a WordPress Blogger since 2012.   Here are some of my blogs.





I have written a 77 page Guideline on how to use the FREE WordPress platform.

You can access the Guidelines by clicking  here.

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February 2018 Energy Forecast

Spiritual Shifts 2018

I sat down to write my energy forecast on 2nd February and we are now on 8th Feb!! Time seems to be moving so quickly right now and as I began to write my forecast and felt the energies I wasn’t quite sure what I needed to say! So, I let it sit for a few days so I could understand more fully about what is happening for us all energetically.

The current energy up to the solar eclipse on the 15th Feb is a very clearing period! You may be finding that old emotions are coming back up, which you thought you had let go of or you may be finding that you are thinking about the past a lot more! This is actually a good thing!! Yes, we should try to live in the moment, however we can also learn from past experiences to help us in the…

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Ho’oponopono Song

Spiritual Shifts 2018

As I wrote in my November Energy Forecast, this month has a wonderful energy to aid any forgiveness work we want to do. A lot of the emotional challenges that are coming up for us can be helped and cleared by forgiving ourselves! When we forgive ourselves, we clear the old energy from us and this in turn clears any old energy with other people that we may have had challenges with. A simple way to help you forgive is by using Ho’oponopono and this is a beautiful song to help you. Enjoy! Love Sarah 

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Hopman Cup: Scoring – and the Ball Trophy Bounces Back!

I didn’t get to attend the 2018 Hopman Cup in Perth this year.  I tend to address or call the Hopman Cup by the year in which the Final occurs, so this year’s Hopman Cup started on Saturday 30 December 2017 but finished on 6 January 2018 the current year.  I must confess that I find it easiest for me to refer to it thus as the 2018 Hopman Cup.

Many others refer to it as the 2017 Hopman Cup and the fact that this tournament may span 2 consecutive years can cause confusion.   If you want to get technical, the tournament that just passed is really the 2017 / 2018 Hopman Cup.


To my great surprise, I noted on television and on the tournament’s website, that in 2018, the winners were awarded silver balls as their individual trophies!   I puzzled “what happened to the tennis racquet trophies?”  I loved those trophies along with the jewellery that was also awarded to the winners –  see  THIS  post for more information.  I know from the Solid Gold website, that these tennis racquet trophies are valued at $26,000 each.

These new individual trophies were first commissioned from Solid Gold Jewellers in 2014.  My research has found that these tennis racquet trophies were awarded to Hopman Cup winners where the tournaments finished in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Getting back to the wonderful diamond studded sterling silver balls, made to the real-life size of a tennis ball, the trophies are made of sterling silver, 18 carat yellow gold, and encrusted with over 200 diamonds and are jointly donated by Brinkhaus Jewellers and Argyle Diamonds.

Doris Brinkhaus of Brinkhaus Jewellers says about the prestigious gorgeous diamond encrusted silver balls.

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Sage Goddess Gem Haven

Click on the image above, or go  here  for a wonderful range of high quality beautiful crystals, and a Blog with a wealth of information.

I have been buying crystals for a while now from Sage Goddess in California U.S.A. and they have brought alot of joy, comfort and beauty into my Life.

Here are pictures of some of my treasures.


Red Onyx Apple


Onxy Mini Fruit

Credit:  The 2 photos above are from

the Sage Goddess website

I am in the Sage Goddess affiliate programme, so if you make a purchase within 24 hours of clicking on the Link provided at the top of this post, it will help me.

Sage Goddess also has delightful perfumes.  Thank you!

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Hello, is anyone there?

albert china telephone

A long long time ago …. I had one of these beautiful Royal Albert china telephones!   Well it was just for show, it didn’t work.  After a while it got broken by my cat.  Our Shandy cat loved to sun himself on the window-sill in my study.  One day he hopped off the window sill onto my low book-shelf on which my phone sat —  kitty accidentally knocked the telephone off the book shelf onto the carpet and it broke.

Never mind.  But lately I got to remembering when we had a real dial telephone at my childhood home and even a telephone stand and chair which you sat on …. and if you had lots of numbers toward 9 or the zero at the end of the dial to use …. you would have to wait on tenterhooks when you were in a hurry waiting for the rotary dial to slowly ever so slowly wind its way back a circuit, so you could put your finger in the 9 or the 8 or whatever!

Tonight I saw someone on a television auction programme selling a retro rotary dial telephone and it got me thinking what would it have been like to have been there at the time of the switchboard exchanges —  telephoning the Operator and asking to be put through to someone.

The telephone exchange is a telecommunication system which revolutionized the use of the telephone. When Graham Bell and Thomas A. Watson invented the telephone, the utilization of this device was limited. By 1876, the longest call made was a distance of only two miles.  The use of the telephone was then limited to business purposes.

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