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Well, lately Karen Carpenter’s version of “SING” popped into my head, so I had to go & find the You Tube version with the lyrics and post it here!  I have a suspicion that I suddenly thought of it as part of my motivating myself to stay happy and positive amidst the “maddening crowd” ( or not pleasant world and other events in 3-D at the moment ) – to assist in my recuperation from major surgery in mid October.

It also reminded myself that several years ago I myself wrote a poem, about Christmas, which could be a song!  I have no idea how to set it to music or make amendments to set it to music.  If anyone reading this wants to do so, and let me know, PLEASE do so.  This poem is my Gift to you.  It is nice to give back / to Pay it forward / and to be in the PRESENT.

Namaste,  Celine

Wish upon Your  Star

Starry, starry starlight

The first star that I see tonight

I wish I may, wish I might

Have this Star-felt wish tonight

Peace, wonder, love and light

For love, that is what is right

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By thy Grace – Snatum Kaur

This track is dedicated to Peace on the planet. It draws from the Sacred names of the Infinite Creator as represented by the Muslim (Allah), Christian (Jehova), Hindu (Rama) and Sikh (Sa Ta Na Ma) faiths.

“Snatum Kaur” means universal / nucleus / friend to all, and the beautiful Snatum Kaur emboides all this and more. Many of the songs sung on Snatum’s recordings are ancient chants sang in Gurumukhi, the ancient language of the Sikhs.  More about this wonderful singer from her website below.  Enjoy.


Snatum has just released a new album, in tandem with pianist Peter Kater, called “Heart of the Universe” –  see below please for more information.  You can buy the hardcopy CD for $18, or the full album in mp3 format for just $10, or even just purchase individual songs.  Just click on “Purchase Album” at the bottom right to view your options.


Snatum’s “Grace” album and “The Essential Snatum Kaur” and others include the BY THY GRACE track, if you are looking for that.  Please click on the link below to see the range of albums available.


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Cavalia – Beautiful & Breathtaking

cavalia poster

cavalia water scene

The Media reported that the Equestrian Artistic Show CAVALIA is beautiful and breathtaking, and I found it to be just that.

Perth, Western Australia is fortunate to be graced with several Cavalia performances in 2013, and my sister and I attended the matinee show on Sunday 15 December.   Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide have been added to Cavalia’s first ever Australian tour in 2013.

The lavish production, which has been seen by over four million people in Northern America and Europe, explores the relationship between humans and horses through the ages and features 48 horses and 36 riders, aerialists, acrobats, dancers and musicians from all over the world.

A constantly changing digital background projected onto a 60 metre-wide screen is designed to draw audiences into a dream-like world and a 50 metre-wide stage gives the horses enough space to gallop at full speed.

Cavalia is held in the largest touring tent in the world – a white, 2,440-square-metre big top, which rises about 35 metres high.

I can sum up my experience of Cavalia in a word  –  “unforgettable”.

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Swan-Lake-St-Petersburg-programme cover

Front cover of the Swan Lake Programme for performance at His Majesty’s Theatre

On Saturday 3rd August 2013, I was fortunate enough to see the Matinee ( 2pm ) performance of the St Petersburg Ballet’s performance of Tchaikovsky’s classic “Swan Lake”.

Swan Lake is the world’s most loved ballet and the St Petersburg Ballet is one of the world’s finest ballet companies. First performed in 1895, Swan Lake with its unrivalled “white acts”, its spectacular and dramatic Ballroom scene, sublime music and deeply moving story, is the ballet that towers above all others.

The St Petersburg Ballet has returned to Perth, Western Australia, for the first time in nearly a decade for seven performances only, at the wonderful old “His Majesty’s Theatre” in the Perth CBD.

These performances are presented by Theatre Tours Australia.

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Joy is like the Rain – Medical Mission Sisters

Who knows the spiritual songs “It’s a Long Road to Freedom” and “Joy is like the Rain (1966)”.   I was brought up with the MMS songs and I love them.  I attended a Catholic Primary School, St Pius the X.

The National Catholic Reporter says:

Miriam Therese Winter, a Medical Mission Sister, is professor of liturgy, worship and spirituality at Hartford Seminary in Hartford, Conn. She is the author of 15 books, including Paradoxology, The Singer and the Song and The Gospel According to Mary. She is the composer of 15 recordings, including the gold record album “Joy is Like the Rain.” She has served the poor on three continents and is a popular speaker in the United States, Canada and Australia.

Miriam Therese Winter, born 1938, has been an advocate nationally and internationally for an emerging feminist spirituality and for the full liberation of women, which she considers essential to ensuring the well-being of our planet and a necessary first step toward the liberation of all people.  She is deeply committed to a vision of one world rooted in an understanding of the interconnectedness of all creation.

She founded the Women’s Leadership Institute.    You can listen to God gives His People Strength at this page here as a midi file, and download the words for the songs at the MMS website   HERE  – scroll down to the bottom and click on “Download the Lyrics next to “Joy is like the Rain.”   Beautiful songs, beautiful voices, and beautiful messages and singers.

The Medical Mission Sisters website can be found at this link   HERE.   It is a reminder to me of how selflessness combined with a true love and care for others, in addition to skill, motivation and intelligence, has a huge help in the world.

If you live in the U.S. you can buy the “Joy is Like the Rain” album via the MMS site, and if you live outside the U.S. you can purchase it from Catholic Music US.

I had the Woman Song CD and Songbook when I was younger, and the Medical Mission Sisters influenced me hugely.

MMS began in Washington in 1925 by a young Austrian doctor, called Anna Dengel.   Anna had a vision that a group of women health professionals who dedicated their lives to God could make a difference in helping women have access to the health care they deserved.  She saw this not only as a work of charity, but also one of justice.


It’s a long road to Freedom

A winding steep and high,

But when you walk in love

With the wind on your wing

And cover the earth

with the songs you sing

The miles fly by.


1- I walked, one morning by the sea

And all the waves reached out to me

I took their tears, then let them be…


2- I walked, one morning at the dawn

When bits of night still lingered on

I sought my star, but it was gone…


3- I walked, one morning with a friend

And prayed the day would never end

The years have flown, so why pretend…


4- I walked, one morning with my King

And all my winters turned to spring

Yet every moment, held it’s sting…

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I have no idea why, but today while at work the POPCORN tune (the original was in 1969 by Gershon Kingsley) popped into my head, and I can’t get it outa my head.  Maybe it is a sublime message for me?  Perhaps this reflects the changes on the horizon, or my Life personally right at this point of time.  It is a great tune anyway, I think so.   Enjoy, if you do.  It’s from the 80s.   I was 20 years old in 1983, yay for the good ol’ 80s especially for those whom are around my age now, haha.

The second version is nice to dance to, maybe that is why I am remembering it now.   I have had a very difficult life and the 80s should have been, coulda been  years of  music and dance, of fun and pretty things, of joy and happiness, for ME, as well as days of me helping make the world a better place.   The fun and joy part didn’t really happen for me, but now I feel that I am going through my Renaissance.   This tune makes me feel joyful and alive.  Go Popcorn!

I like this synthesia version here – clear and crisp but as it won’t embed for me anyhow, I will give a link to it   HERE   on You Tube.

Star Wise

the above includes a portrait photo of me, well not drawn by that man

(but could have been, may have been in another world)

taken in 2004


Classic Cicena Overdrive Boombox

For my birthday on 14 September 2012, I got a lovely retro radio / cassette player!!   It is a Classic Cicena Overdrive boombox, from 1991.

The design is often compared to either ’55/’57 Chevy or  ’58 Corvette car dashes.  Most call it a ’57 clone.  This unit also has all the boombox features for AM/FM radio along with a cassette player.  It is powered by an AC cord or 8 “D” batteries.   I just love its stylish white front and its red top, its steering wheel shaped handle, and especially its “dashboard” which lights up the station/channel numbers in orange for FM and in red for AM.

The lights look lovely in the dark.  The red and white version is apparently the original, but there are some colour variations, such as green and white, as shown at Paul and Brenda’s site,  including an authentic Coca Cola branded version.

The authentic Coca Cola version has the “Coca Cola” logo on both ends of the radio, and mine is not such a radio, because it has “Taste it All” and “Enjoy Diet Coca Cola” on it !!  Also, the model number on mine is 261, but the Coca Cola branded one has a different identity plate, as shown on Paul and Brenda’s site.   I think that the authentic Coca Cola branded Cicena Overdrive Boombox would be pretty valuable.

The radio has excellent sound quality for both AM and FM and controls for Bass and Treble also.

I do still have a few cassette tapes, but can’t see myself using the cassette player much, but it is good that it has it!

Be careful if purchasing this radio from eBay as you need to check the voltage required on the identity plate of the radio, to make sure your radio will work in your country, using electricity.   For example, Australia has voltages of 240 while in the U.S.A. the electricity voltage is lower.   You should be able to use batteries to run the radio.

UPDATE:   If you are looking for a red & white Cicena radio in Australia (or else-where), please be advised that some people that I know bought mine for me online.  You can search the Worthpoint and eBay online auctions for a radio that works in your country, or try the Classified newspaper section, like “Gumtree”.

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Hairspray the Musical, and David Attenborough showing in Australia

I have already posted about the 2007 musical movie of Hairspray on this site  here, and lately my sister told me that a show is now playing in the Eastern States of Australia.  So I checked it out to find that the final show at the Lyric Theatre in Sydney, Australia, will be in September 2012, but the shows in Melbourne close tomorrow apparently.  Not surprisingly, I can’t find a mention of the show coming to Perth, Western Australia, where I live.   Perth is a fairly isolated capital city, but I think it is a great place to live (and I have been here since I was a baby).

Perth is often over-looked for famous visitors, celebrities or shows.  On the good side, David Attenborough decided to have a Life on Earth show in Perth in August 2012, but all tickets were snapped up on the day ticket sales opened, on 18 June 2012!!   Then I found out, to my dismay, that “scalpers” are selling tickets way above the top asking price by Ticketek, on eBay.  I wish that only people whom genuinely want to see a Show buy tickets, not those who just want to re-sell them for a profit.

Tthe Hairspray show’s producers are Paul Dainty (Dainty Consolidated Entertainment) and Joel Pearlman (Roadshow Live).  DCE produced the original Mamma Mia! in Australia a decade ago and have the recent smash hit Jersey Boys about to transfer to Sydney after a record-breaking Melbourne season.  Roadshow Live brought the film version of Hairspray to Australian audiences in 2007, where it was seen by about two million patrons, while the subsequent dvd sales have reached impressive sales of 300,000 copies.

Anyhow, here   is the link to the Paramount site about the Australian production of Hairspray this year, showing events in Sydney and Melbourne.

There is another version of the stage show playing in Adelaide, South Australia until 28 July 2012.

Follow this link for Adealide shows:    http://www.weekendnotes.com/hairspray-the-musical/

Furthermore, there is a production playing in Wellington, New Zealand, in August 2012.   See   here  for more information.

Here   is some information about the cast of the Sydney/Melbourne musical, as the Paramount site doesn’t give much info abut the Cast.

The closest I can personally get to watching any of the Australian Hairspray Musical is watching the small videos on the Ticketmaster page below, which says:

HAIRSPRAY, the most critically acclaimed Broadway musical to open in Australia in recent times will play at Sydney’s Lyric Theatre, Star City for a limited season from 11 June, 2011.


The Lyric Theatre is a long way away from me, but – the Beat still goes on !

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Tibetan Gyuto Monks – Sand Mandala & Chanting

Coloured Sands for MandalaColoured Sands for Sand Mandala


From their monastery in Dharamsala in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas, the Gyuto Monks of Tibet have become much loved annual visitors to Australia since their first successful tour to Australia in 1994.  Their 700 year old pure tradition of tantric ritual and ceremony makes them a precious and highly respected monastery in the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon.
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Peace in Practice

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swan lake


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Hairspray 2007 Musical Movie

You can’t stop the beat
as it comes speeding down the track.
Child, yesterday is history
And it’s never coming back
Cause tomorrow is a brand new day
and it don’t know white from black
Cause the world keeps spinning
round and round
and my heart is keeping time
to the speed of sound.
I was lost until I heard the drums
then I found my way
Because you can’t stop the beat

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