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23 June 2012

Hi beautiful people

This is my new Blog, designed to simply post beautiful, inspiring and awesome reflections, memories, imaginings and things – about our Beautiful World !!

I already have another WordPress blog about Fascinating Animals, but lately I have had an “impulse” or a voice telling me to create this new blog, where I can post about nice things (to me anyway) and not necessarily about Animals.  If you would like to “Like” a post or page on this site, or to leave a comment, you will need to sign in via Facebook or Twitter, or with your WordPress account.   I have chosen this method to prevent spam that the site otherwise receives.

So, welcome to Our Lovely World.

Mitakuye Oyasin – we are all related,


Cyber Week sale: Beautiful Necklaces from Rosey

I count myself fortunate to have come across Rosey’s Etsy store.

Rosey, U.K. creates her own amazing designs with quality gemstones and materials, and her creations are just beautiful and a joy to wear. I already have several bead necklaces from “Roseyandellen” which you can look at by visiting this Post of my blog if you like.

The Cyber Week sales run for 4 days from 28 November 2019 Thanksgiving, and making use of the 15% sale, I purchased this wonderful 50 cm necklace above. It’s made from large blue sodalite stones, and blue tigerstone and goldstone, and hematite.

Perfect for me, as I love sodalite, which is helpful for clear thinking, and along with the hematite for grounding, and protective qualities of the other stones, will be a winner with me, to wear to work! You can “google” the metaphysical properties of gemstones if you like.

I love crystals and have crystal tumble-stones, grids and clusters and carvings. If you would like to see some amazing crystal grids (some of which I own), please go to this page HERE.

Part proceeds of sales from Rosey’s wonderful shop go to research for ME/CF ( myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome ). I hope for a cure or treatment for this illness, and am grateful to Rosey for offering her unforgettable creations to us.

Thank you Rosey!

Perth Telethon: TV Fund-raiser for Children

For fifty years Channel Seven has hosted the annual Telethon for Western Australia’s Perth Children’s Hospital and other beneficiaries.

This live event is broadcast over 26 hours from the beautiful city of Perth, from 6.30 pm on a Saturday in October.

This year’s event took place at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (PCEC). To date more than 306 million dollars has been raised.

Telethon is truly a unique event with donations constantly coming in via telephone and online and in person, from the public.

The mainstay donors are Western Australian citizens- families, young people, schools, clubs, and other individuals. Businesses and government also contribute.

Each year large corporate businesses and the Australian and Western Australian governments make sizeable donations, and the goal is to top last year’s total.

2018 Telethon raised $38,000,000. That’s thirty-eight million dollars.

Among the trustees of Telethon is Kerry Stokes, Chairman of the Seven Network and Australian Capital Equity, which has interests in media and entertainment, resources, energy, pastoral and mining.

Kerry Stokes has received the Companion of the Order of Australia, in recognition of his contributions to business and philanthropy.

Along with the Honorable Kim Beazley, Governor of Western Australia, a patron of Telethon is Professor Fiona Stanley. Professor Stanley is trained in maternal and child health epidemiology and public health and has spent her career researching the causes of major childhood illnesses such as birth defects.

She is the founding director of the Telethon Kids Institute, established in Perth in 1990.

The Channel 7 Perth Telethon, simply known as Telethon, was established in 1968 by philanthropists Brian Treasure and Sir James Cruthers.

There are around 50 beneficiaries including the Perth Children’s Hospital. Some donors ask for their contributions to be targeted toward specific endeavours, for example, helping indigenous children.

Each year two children are selected to represent the children of Western Australia who are helped as a result of the money raised by Telethon.

An online auction runs for the duration of the television broadcast, with items donated. They include signed merchandise from football clubs, personal items from stars and celebrities, and unusual or unique items.

Satterley Property Group and New Level Homes provided a beautiful furnished “Telethon house” for auction. This year’s two-storey house in Forrestfield, valued at $800,000 sold for $655,000. Part proceeds will go to Telethon.

The Minderoo Foundation, a “modern philanthropic organisation” founded by Andrew and Nicola Forrest has matched phone donations dollar for dollar, over certain time-frames over the weekend.

Andrew Forrest is Chairman of Fortescue Metals Group, one of the world’s main suppliers of iron ore. Dividends from Fortescue fund Minderoo’s ongoing commitment to philanthropic activities.

There are challenges by corporate bodies, like the HBF Fitness Challenge, stationary bike cycling challenge for individuals and corporate teams, taking place over 24 hours of Telethon.

The Crown Casino sponsors “In It To Win It” activities where TV stars and others have to complete short skill tasks or challenges to “win” a generous donation, which could be $100,000 or more.

The broadcast is interspersed with clips showing the personal stories of children at the Perth Children’s Hospital who benefit from Telethon, and the phenomenal efforts of those who look after un-well and disadvantaged children.

At 5.15 pm on Sunday 27th October, the tally was twenty million and eight hundred and eighty eight!

At the close of Telethon 2019, the total was:



Telethon has come a long way since first raising $104,829 in 1968.

Western Australians, sometimes called “Sandgropers” because of so much coastline along the state, are very generous when it comes to supporting children.

Kerry Stokes’ claim that Western Australia is now Australia’s undisputed leader of community giving is true.

Craft egg & bacon taught me patience

Photo taken by Celine Lai

“Klutz has beaut kits for crafting mini food treats or mini animals! Just “google” or search Klutz “Sew Mini Treats” or “Klutz Sew Mini Animals” for where to buy a kit from.

On Easter Monday, my sister and I made “egg and bacon.” The egg with the large rosy cheeks was poached by my sister, although I forgot to tell her she could use the tiny pre-cut pink cheeks!

I patiently put together the Bacon, mind you I only did one Rasher with just one streaky strip of white fat (straight down the middle).

Two important things that I’ll point out about this Kit, is that the needles which come with it, are far too large, for pushing through the felt. You will need to get a finer needle from your own sewing set or buy one.

Also, the ply comes in 6 ply, and you need to separate out one fine strand from a bundle of colored ply, then gently pull on it and pull it away from the rest of the ply.

I find it best to measure the edges of the sewing area and use triple the amount of thread, but you may have to be careful and hold your thread straight and observe it, otherwise it may knot!

the instruction book

Here are some more pictures.

The Art of Chokin

A sample of a Chokin vase available on eBay

During the 12th century, Japanese Chokin artists used this art to decorate the armor, weapons and other military supplies of notable samurai. Chokin artists also decorated shrines using this method.

Chokin designs range from scenes of fierce dragons to those of gentle blossoms. Since it is a traditional Japanese art form, chokin art always depicts images considered native to Japanese culture. Examples include geisha, dragons, Japanese style bridges, legends, ocean scenes, flowers native to the country and actual Japanese landscapes


Chokin art is an ancient form of Japanese pictorial gilding. Copper is engraved and then the picture is gilded with silver and gold.

The “Live Japan” website says:

Chokin is a technique which uses a kind of chisel called tagane to engrave metal. Engraving is commonly used for fine, precise art works such as accessories and other ornaments. In the medieval feudal society, engraved patterns and pictures on tsuba (sword guard), which is set between the katana (blade) and e (grip) of a sword, were thought to be popular article to show the owner’s sense of beauty, and nowadays such tsuba are highly evaluated for their sophisticated designs

You can easily find affordable Chokin design pieces (not the antique sort, but modern designs) by searching “Chokin” on eBay or generally on the internet.

You will find plates, trinket dishes, vases and others, for purchase.

There are Etsy stores which offer “original” Chokin Art items, including those made by Shaddy, a company established in the 1920s, plus later pieces crafted in the Chokin style.



Happy searching!