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Here I will post links to fun games that I like to play, not that I am good at playing them in.  In fact, I am pretty woeful at playing them.  Please feel free to add your comment, in order to post the results for any of these games that you try!

Sheep Dash

No sheep have been harmed in this BBC Science & Nature game which tests your reflexes.  At the time of posting this, I was feeling pretty “sharp” or alert (so I thought) so I had three tries of the Sheep Dash.  I could only score “Sluggish Snail” the lowest level, and on each try, I was too eager (or too impatient) and got a penalty for shooting before any sheep had left the fold!  Post your scores here in the Comments section.  I am sure I will improve – perhaps after a few coffees (or juices)?


Encircle the Cat Game

Another animal game!  The object here is to click on the light green circles next to the black cat, and to completely surround her with dark green circles next to her, and stop the cat from getting to the edge of the game board.  I am sure there must be a mathematical formula which a genuis could apply to work this one out.  Out of numerous tries at this game, I have actually won the game once, but to be honest that was because luck was on my side then (in the form of the cat being already surrounded by many dark circles and in a convenient location, so it wasn’t too hard to surround her with dark circles).  Please post your results here in the Comments section.   All constructive feedback will be enjoyed.


Tower of Hanoi – move the 3 disks from tower 1 to tower 3

A fascinating game which you can play online or physically where the goal is to move some disks from the first “pole” to the third.   Enjoy.

Tower of Hanoi
cat divider

3 thoughts on “Games

  1. I am pleased with myself, because after a good sleep and two coffees, I tried “Sheep Dash” again, 3 tries. On my first 2 attempts I still got “Sluggish Snail” but then I improved a bit and on my third attempt, I scored “Bobbing Bobcat” which is two levels above the snail averaging at 0.286 seconds per sheep!

  2. I’m replying to myself, seeing as no-one else has contributed yet. Still getting “Sluggish Snail” mainly because I am still getting a penalty for shooting before the sheep dash. Does that mean I am a “Nervous Nellie” or something like that? Maybe I need more Iron? Ha ha

  3. Me again. I got worse on my 2nd attempt. Then I got the bright idea to mute the sound, so the baa-ing of the Sheep wouldn’t distract me, for my 3rd attempt. I scored Bobbing Bobcat. Next, on the horizon is Rocketing Rabbit – next year perhaps.

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