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Happy New Year 2017

I have created a New Year’s card using Jib Jab.

As I can’t embed it here, I am posting the Link to it below.

My Happy New Year Jib-Jab Card

Click on the square at the bottom right of the Player to see the Video in Full-screen !

Enjoy if you do, and wishing you a Peaceful, Joyous, and Abundant 2017 and Beyond !

Happy New Year bunnies

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happy new year 2014

Below is an extract from an  important Message  from Carol Ann C’iocco

2014 begins with a bang as there is a powerful New Moon in Capricorn on January 1, 2014. To have a new moon fall on the Gregorian calendar’s first day hasn’t happened for 19 years.

New Moons hold the energy of new beginnings, so this timing aligns nicely with the sometimes refreshing quality of New Years Day, when many of us look ahead and see a blank slate of 365 days before us, full of potential.

Setting intention for how you would like to change your life and find more purpose and success is all the more perfect for this New Years Day. Write out your goals, make a list of what you’d like to accomplish in 2014. The actual, true energetic beginning of any year is the seasonal new-life moment of Spring Equinox (in March for the northern hemisphere). But January 1, 2014 offers a real whoosh of new energy to set us on our course, for some practical thinking and intention-setting.


Happy New Year

Wishing you all a Great New Year’s Eve &

Peace, Happiness & Abundance

in 2014 & Beyond