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A 60s baby, I was inter-country adopted into an English-Australian family. My nickname is “Star Wise”, and I currently live in Western Australia with my partner and a beautiful cat called Shandy. I have led a “chequered” life, with many Downs and Ups, and mostly what keeps me going is my love of Nature and my belief that one day the human race will evolve to a point where we will live together in peace and balance with those we share Planet Earth with.

I am a “big kid” at heart and love to see things with new and appreciative eyes. Even today, I regard things with awe and wonder and am astonished at the fantastic material world that we have at our use, and at the potential we Homo sapiens have, for forging caring and pleasurable relationships, while enjoying our short lives and undertaking small but possible challenges, that help us grow.

I had fun making  up four of the photos in the Collage above using the Yearbook Yourself site.  The last black and white photo is of me at Primary School, aged eleven.

Below is a recent photo of me taken at a work function. I am standing next to a purple light.  

Namaste – I see the Divine in You

23 June 2012


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