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Cavalia – Beautiful & Breathtaking

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The Media reported that the Equestrian Artistic Show CAVALIA is beautiful and breathtaking, and I found it to be just that.

Perth, Western Australia is fortunate to be graced with several Cavalia performances in 2013, and my sister and I attended the matinee show on Sunday 15 December.   Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide have been added to Cavalia’s first ever Australian tour in 2013.

The lavish production, which has been seen by over four million people in Northern America and Europe, explores the relationship between humans and horses through the ages and features 48 horses and 36 riders, aerialists, acrobats, dancers and musicians from all over the world.

A constantly changing digital background projected onto a 60 metre-wide screen is designed to draw audiences into a dream-like world and a 50 metre-wide stage gives the horses enough space to gallop at full speed.

Cavalia is held in the largest touring tent in the world – a white, 2,440-square-metre big top, which rises about 35 metres high.

I can sum up my experience of Cavalia in a word  –  “unforgettable”.


The blend between horse and human was fluent and a pleasure to watch and the aerial and acrobatic stunts a picture of concentration and finesse, performed perfectly.  The activities with the horses were wonderful and incredibly talented.   I loved the digital backdrop as can be seen in some of the shots on the official website and on other websites, and there was an amazing sequence in which either water or sand was used behind the screen to reflect a giant flowing white horse moving about gracefully and enchantingly.

Imagine bareback riding, leaping over a pole and landing on the backs of 2 horses, 4 harnessed horses jumping together in one motion over a pole, and trick riding.  The Program at $20 is a “must have” as it is a fitting memento or souvenir.   It is beautiful in itself with gorgeous photos of the main sequences with names like “Carousel” and “Grande Liberte” and comprehensive with great information on the set up of the show and the names of all the artistes including the Horses, as well as a nice description of the 15 horse breeds.   It reveals that there is even one Australian human artist in the show.

The ticket prices are hefty, if that is what you think.  My “Blue” ticket cost $109 for a seat at the back, Stair 8 Row R and Seat 39; however it is was well worth it.  The “White Big Top” was amazing.  It was cool and air-conditioned inside and while the rows of seats were inclined, the rows were quite close together and the seats right behind each other (not staggered), so my sister couldn’t see a part of the Stage as a tall person was sitting right in front of her.   I was delighted when after the Intermission a tall person in front of me left their seat for some reason and a small person replaced him, leaving me with a grand un-obstructed view of the entire Stage.

See   HERE   for prices and seating plan for Perth.

It had been quite hot in Perth back then with the day of 15 December being about 40 degrees Celsius.  The Show ran for 2 hours  with a half hour break added to that.  During the intermission we queued up in the baking sun at one of the portable toilets for the Ladies.   I think that the hot temperature had addled my brain a little as I had gone to the Show without my Hat and without my portable battery operated Fan which would have been perfect while waiting in the General Admission Tent before the show started, mostly standing room only.

To my surprise I had also rushed out of my house without changing my footwear and had my thongs ( aka “flip flops” ) on, but was consoled by seeing a few others also wearing thongs.   Perth is a casual place and it was so hot, it looks like not only sandals were acceptable Footwear, but so were thongs!

There were drinks and food available, such as hot chips (but no fruit) and a small bottled water cost about $4.   There was a large range of Merchandise in the General Admissions tent and I bought myself a nice silver plated pewter   Cavalia pin / brooch for $18  ( see below – about 1.5 inches in size from horse’s nose to tail ) and a Cavaila key ring for $8.

silver plated pewter Cavalia pin1

silver plated pewter Cavalia pin2

cavalia keychain

THIS   page from Perth Now explains how the amazing relationship we witness with Cavalia is possible.

The White Big Top was put up at the Belmont Racecourse and while it was fairly straightforward for us, coming from the “South” to arrive there half an hour beforehand, and get a good paid parking spot, we did go in the opposite direction to where we were supposed to go when leaving, by mistake! We had to pay $15 for parking at a little booth in front of the General Admission Tent where Programmes were also being sold. We received a “parking ticket” which we had to hold onto, and show when we exited.

I was surprised parking cost something as parking at the Racecourse is usually free but I suppose this was for monitored parking. Needless to say it took a while to exit the car park after the Event as the Big Top accommodates 2000 people and it certainly looked like the Tent was full at the session we attended.

Please go to the official   CAVALIA WEBSITE   for beautiful photos and alot of great information.   Cavalia’s newest Show called “Odysseo” is currently showing only in the U.S.A. and in Canada.  I wish it would come to Perth, Western Australia.   Rest assured the horses are well looked after.   They wouldn’t do what they freely do without being cared for and respected.

I nearly could not believe at one stage, how the horses did their routine while the human being just stood in the middle of them with a stick, but not apparently doing anything other than perhaps talking to them.  The official website FAQs explains how the horses are trained.   After their career with Cavalia, the horses are retired on Cavalia property or semi-retired and good homes found for them.

CAVALIA truly is a symphony of equine athleticism and beauty and human emotion.   See it if you can!

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