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Craft egg & bacon taught me patience

Photo taken by Celine Lai

“Klutz has beaut kits for crafting mini food treats or mini animals! Just “google” or search Klutz “Sew Mini Treats” or “Klutz Sew Mini Animals” for where to buy a kit from.

On Easter Monday, my sister and I made “egg and bacon.” The egg with the large rosy cheeks was poached by my sister, although I forgot to tell her she could use the tiny pre-cut pink cheeks!

I patiently put together the Bacon, mind you I only did one Rasher with just one streaky strip of white fat (straight down the middle).

Two important things that I’ll point out about this Kit, is that the needles which come with it, are far too large, for pushing through the felt. You will need to get a finer needle from your own sewing set or buy one.

Also, the ply comes in 6 ply, and you need to separate out one fine strand from a bundle of colored ply, then gently pull on it and pull it away from the rest of the ply.

I find it best to measure the edges of the sewing area and use triple the amount of thread, but you may have to be careful and hold your thread straight and observe it, otherwise it may knot!

the instruction book

Here are some more pictures.

Flippin’ Fun – Flip Books

Flip Book 1

Click on the first picture below, then advance through the Gallery.  Click on the small x in the upper left corner to close the Gallery.   Note, the pictures are a bit pale, because I quickly sketched them using light coloured pencils

Last week I had an interesting dream in which I was helping people draw some art work to put together some three part or three section Flip Books, the type in which you have a person with a head, a torso, and some legs.  With just 2 different pictures, you can arrange a booklet so you have 6 different combinations.   Above are representations of my 2 drawings that I did last week, followed by the combinations made by having three sections.  Following is a link to how to do your own Flip Book.  It’s really, really fun to draw your own pictures, and they don’t have to even be people, and then you can flip out over your own Flip Books.

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