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Religious Bracelets and other treasures


I may have mentioned in another post that I was brought up Catholic.  Well I have just bought a beautiful Fellowship Bracelet from a wonderful eBay seller  the Immaculata   for a good friend of mine in the USA.   It is a unique chunky bracelet with charms, as above.

Now I’ve gone back to the site & purchased for myself a pretty multi-coloured stone chip bracelet.  It has a small stone butterfly and stone cross.  When I was younger my favorite bracelet was one with a stone cross!  It is beautiful.  I love multi-colours too!


Head over now to look at the amazing array of items for yourself in the United States, or another country – –   or for a Friend or family member.   UPDATE:  Sadly (for me) I did not get the bracelet above, because the Seller could not post it to me in Australia due to shipping constraints.  If I was in the USA the same country as the seller, I would have been able to purchase it.

The Immaculata – eBay



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Create your own doll-sized Galadriel mirror dress

Galadriel’s mirror dress for Doll – by Denisa

If you love the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy (and you like pretty dresses and /or sewing doll’s clothes), then you are sure to fall in love with this astounding recreation in miniature of Galadriel’s dress when she showed Frodo the mirror (in part 2, The Two Towers).  A very talented lady, Denisa, created a pattern to make this dress to fit a Barbie sized doll !

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Flippin’ Fun – Flip Books

Flip Book 1

Click on the first picture below, then advance through the Gallery.  Click on the small x in the upper left corner to close the Gallery.   Note, the pictures are a bit pale, because I quickly sketched them using light coloured pencils

Last week I had an interesting dream in which I was helping people draw some art work to put together some three part or three section Flip Books, the type in which you have a person with a head, a torso, and some legs.  With just 2 different pictures, you can arrange a booklet so you have 6 different combinations.   Above are representations of my 2 drawings that I did last week, followed by the combinations made by having three sections.  Following is a link to how to do your own Flip Book.  It’s really, really fun to draw your own pictures, and they don’t have to even be people, and then you can flip out over your own Flip Books.

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