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The Mighty Purse – mighty good

mighty purse

So what do you do if you are out and about and you have forgotten to charge your mobile phone, or not had time to charge it?

You reach for your MIGHTY PURSE !

The Mighty Purse, “the Handbag Butler” is a smart device, that combines fashion with technology.  It is a soft leather purse measuring 20cm x 12.5cm x 2.5cm / 7.8” x 4.9” x 1 and weighing only 200g / 7.1oz.

The Mighty Purse was invented in 2008 by Australians, Ana Slavka and Stephan Kljajic – it is a beautiful purse with a built in smart device charger!

It comes in bright colours of red, green, purple, gold, yellow, and to satisfy the more classic tastes it also comes in brown, grey and black.

The lithium-ion polymer purse battery is tucked away nicely, and is connected to a USB cable accessible from the central zipped up section of the purse.  The purse battery is recharged via this cable that connects to any USB port.  This central zipped up section also reveals the status of the charging process via 4 green LED lights.  All 4 are green once the purse is fully charged.

It is recommended to initially charge your Mighty Purse for 6 or 7 hours until all lights are green.  Then you are ready to go!

When your mobile phone needs recharging and you don’t have your USB cable or power adaptor or you’re not near a computer or a power socket, just connect your mobile phone to the purse battery charger via the micro USB cable.  This is a small cable located within a compartment of the purse.  This compartment has three slots for credit cards and a zipped up pocket for coins .  The other side of the central compartment has an area which can be used to put a few bills ( paper money ) in, and other bits and pieces in, like your lipstick and mirror.

This Mighty Purse works with all micro-usb Smartphones and iPhones, BUT please note, to run it on the Apple iPhones you WILL need an adapter for the iPhone.  It will even charge a tablet or iPad that uses the micro-usb connection, i.e. the cable with the very small connector.

The smart Purse battery is the same type as in your Smartphone, except for its size. The purse battery has a capacity of 4000mAh, that’s more than twice the capacity of your phone battery.  Your phone can be charged completely, anywhere; and more than twice, with the Mighty Purse.

I recently bought a “lizard gray” Mighty Purse from an eBay seller for $70, with adaptors for the iPhones included.  This purse retails for $99.  I charged up my purse over-night and this weekend I found that I had accidentally left my USB cable for my HTC Wildfire at work.  No problem – Mighty Purse to the rescue!  I plugged my mobile into the fully charged Mighty Purse and within an hour my phone was fully charged.

If you have a cable that plugs into a connector to a power outlet, you can simply pull out the cable from the connector, and plug your Mighty Purse charging cable into the connector instead.  For example, I can use my USB cable for my HTC Wildfire Mobile Telephone to plug into a special part which plugs into a power point.  This would be an easy way to charge up your purse, or you could charge it by connecting it to your laptop if you have one.

I did find that the USB charging cable provided with the Mighty Purse is very short, at about 9 cm /3.5 inches, making it a bit difficult to connect to a desktop PC.  Not using a laptop which I can easily power up the Purse with, I had to resort to propping my Purse alongside my System unit or Computer Box, which luckily was on a ledge of my workstation, the ledge being used of course to keep the computer box under the desk and to keep it raised from the floor.

Go to the official Mighty Purse website here for full information.

Ana and Stephan’s company, Handbag Butler, provides functional products with a fashionable feel, and besides being home to the Mighty Purse, is also home to the Handbag Hook, Key Finder and Perfume Atomiser.

I first saw the Mighty Purse when recently I walked into the Megisti Fashion store and there they were – a huge range of beautiful coloured clutches / purses with wrist straps – and with a hidden mobile phone charger!

Launching to market in June 2013, the Mighty Purse is already sold in more than 1000 stores internationally, in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe and Asia.  If you go to the Handbag Butler site for online shopping, you will find it set for delivery to Australian addresses only.  However, you can email them for availability of the Purse and a postage calculation if you live outside of Australia.

Also, for stockists in Australia, the UK, USA and Canada try visiting



Mighty Purse –  Mighty Useful


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