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Australian Vintage Shell Art Lady Doll – Lakes Entrance Victoria




Above are photos of my wonderful shell art doll – she is a vintage work of art from Lakes Entrance, a tourist resort and fishing port in eastern Victoria, Australia.  Now I have never been there, but I used to love collecting shells and fossicking around the huge coast-line of Western Australia, the land of the “Sand Gropers” where I live.  I LOVED going to Shell Museums & Shops to look at shells and to purchase beautiful, awesome shell art, too.

Well, I bought this magnificent once-off piece from an eBay seller back in November 2013.  She is 18 cm tall and sports a glitter covered shell purse, along with her “Lakes Entrance” tag.   She cost me $45 AUD (plus postage).  Who could resist her?

There is the Griffiths Sea Shell Museum at Lakes Entrance, which if you ever go to Victoria, would be well worth visiting, I am sure.  You won’t find many of these shell art dolls anymore on eBay, but could try other online platforms if you are looking for one –  like  etsy  OR  ruby lane.

Happy Shell art hunting.


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