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Let the Games Begin !

According to the earliest records, the first Olympic games were held in 776 BC.  The Olympic games originate in athletic contests to  honor Zeus and other deities at Olympia.  The games were also held to solve the constant civil wars among the Greek city-states.  During the Olympic games Elis and Olympia were sacred sites and no armed man could set foot on the grounds.  In addition, three months before and after the games, a truce  existed amongst all the Greek city-states.   The ancient Greek Olympics were held every four years during the full moon of midsummer. That date was chosen so the games could last into the night.  The time between games was called an Olympiad, and each Olympiad was named for an athletic victor at the previous contests.

To get into the spirit of the games, Our Lovely World now has a Games page.  I have just put links to my two favourite games.  If you enjoy any or both of them and try them out, please do let me know on the Games page or here, and post your results.  Sharing is caring.



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