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Madame Alexander Dolls

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Madame Alexander Dolls

My collection of dolls by Madame Alexander


From left to right –

Renaissance Bride Doll

Cisette Roaring 20s Doll


Pinocchio with Jiminy Cricket

The Blue Fairy (from “Pinocchio”)


In the middle is a diaroma made with a real Ostrich egg with fairy figurines.    More photos below.


madame alexander pinnochio and blue fairy 2

Pinocchio’s stand is a little too big for him.   All dolls have poseable limbs and beautiful “sleep eyes” which means you can lay the dolls down and they close their eyes.  Sweet !

The Blue Fairy should have a wand but I searched for it in her box and couldn’t find one, unfortunately.   I bought her and Pinocchio from Ruby Lane online but only realised a while after receiving them, that she should have a wand.   I got the bride dolls from eBay.   The Roaring 20s doll is a 10 inch doll and apparently very collectible.

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