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Flippin’ Fun – Flip Books

Flippin’ Fun – Flip Books

Flip Book 1

Click on the first picture below, then advance through the Gallery.  Click on the small x in the upper left corner to close the Gallery.   Note, the pictures are a bit pale, because I quickly sketched them using light coloured pencils

Last week I had an interesting dream in which I was helping people draw some art work to put together some three part or three section Flip Books, the type in which you have a person with a head, a torso, and some legs.  With just 2 different pictures, you can arrange a booklet so you have 6 different combinations.   Above are representations of my 2 drawings that I did last week, followed by the combinations made by having three sections.  Following is a link to how to do your own Flip Book.  It’s really, really fun to draw your own pictures, and they don’t have to even be people, and then you can flip out over your own Flip Books.



My 2 drawings are of a girl in a dress & stockings, and a man in a singlet carrying a beer.  Two drawings result in 6 combinations.  The number of combinations you get is worked out by multiplying the number of initial drawings you draw by three, so, for example, 3 different drawings will result in 9 combinations ( 3 x 3 ).

It’s never time to stop “growing up”, that’s what I think !!

I think that lately I have been regressing to my childhood, haha.  Wait a moment, there is a reason for this, being work has been pretty hectic lately and suddenly, a whole lot of great memories from my days of childhood expression and feeling have come back to me, to help me get through it.  First of all, I could hear a lullaby in my head, and upon investigating it, I found it to be a song Carra Barra Wirra Canna, about a real South Australian lake.  It is a song that some adults sang to me when I was about 6 years old, and I loved it.  It took me to nice places and comforted me, and I guess the reason why I remembered it recently is so it could give me the same effect as it had all those years ago!

At least, as “time” moves forward, my regression is not going backward, but started with me being 6 years old and is now going forward, with the Flip Books, which I must have had fun with when I was about 10 years old.   Click on the link below, if you like, to hear the beautiful lullaby Carra Barra Wirra Canna, which means “stars dancing on water”.

Happy Flipping !   Happy Stars dancing on Water !



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