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Merkaba Warrior Spiritual Jewellery

Coconut and Cherry Wood Bracelet

Here is a photo of my beautiful spiritual Bracelet set that I bought from my friend Ethan, who runs the Merkaba Warrior shop on etsy !!

It consists of larger beads of Coconut Palmwood and a matching bracelet of smaller beads of Cherry Wood, together with the Coconut bracelet sporting a silver capped dragon agate focal bead.  I love it and it is just perfect for the warmer weather which will soon be here “Down Under” in Australia.

Ethan is in York, U.K. and hand makes a wonderful range of spiritual bracelets and necklaces using natural sources, for both women and men.

cococnut and cherry wood bracelet2

 See  THIS  link to purchase the above or just for details



I also noticed a real lack of gemstone jewellery for men, most of the bracelets available were mass produced, made mainly of leather, mystery metals and nondiscript wood. I knew what I wanted for myself but I just couldnt find it – so I decided to make it!

Above is a Quote from Ethan’s “About Me” page on etsy.    Please visit Ethan’s wonderful store to choose something for yourself (male or female) and / or a special Gift for someone you love.

Ethan is currently hosting a GIVE AWAY on his Facebook Page



Merkaba Warrior Men's Mahogany Obsidian Bracelet


All you have to do is to  LIKE  and  SHARE  his Facebook Post, and, like me, YOU too will be entered in the draw for one random name to be drawn and posted out the Prize.

You’ve got to be in it to WIN IT.   Thank you to  Merkaba Warrior for your truly delightful and amazing jewellery.  I can personally vouch for Ivan’s products and service, as I have already bought several bracelets from Merkaba Warrior.

This includes my most favourite of all time, which is a bracelet of amazing plum colour  SUGILITE   beads with lotus beads and a lotus charm, which I LOVE to bits and wear just about every day.  Photos of my lovely Sugilite bracelet are below.   Enjoy, and please support    Merkaba Warrior.

Sugilite bracelet1

sugilite bracelet2

Sugilite is a rare, high vibration, deep purple, plum and violet crystal which is mostly found in South Africa. This bracelet is finished with a beautiful handmade real Silver lotus flower charm.

Properties:   Protection, Psychic Awareness, Spiritual Activation, Karma Clearing

Chakra:         Crown Chakra

Element:      Air


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