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The Royal Wedding Cake – and Flower Symbols

Now I am not a royalist or anything else in particular, but I do love cake, biscuits and ice-cream. If you don’t like the Royals or the idea of the monarchy, then don’t read this post. However, speaking for myself, I was eager to see William and Kate’s wedding cake and here it is “all rights reserved by the British Monarchy.” Go to the Flickr album below to see the cake in all its facets. Interestingly, it has 17 different flower designs symbolic of various things as can be seen at the following list.

The “Lunchtime Reception” page of the official website (link below) lists the lunch menu for the 650 guests and the happy newly married couple. I am sure Diana would have been around in spirit. I wonder how I can get a piece of that cake? Can I please have my cake, and eat it too?

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