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Crystals and Visionaries

Sage Goddess Gem Haven

Click  here for a wonderful range of high quality beautiful crystals, and a Blog with a wealth of information about crystals.

I have been buying crystals for a while now from Sage Goddess in California U.S.A. and they have brought alot of joy, comfort and beauty into my Life.


Onxy Mini Fruit

Credit:  The photo is from the Sage Goddess website

I am in the Sage Goddess affiliate programme, so if you make a purchase within 24 hours of clicking on the Link provided at the top of this post, it will help me.   Sage Goddess also has delightful perfumes.  Thank you!


Please Support WillowHawk with Recipro City

Click on the link below for more information


I can personally vouch for Angie, WillowHawk, who is gifting her healing services and artistic creations to those who are meant to receive them.  A regular contribution of anything to Angie will be reciprocated in full.  That is how the Universe works!

You can download and print a leaflet about the campaign (sharing is caring):

Recipro-City Word doc format

Recipro-City –  PDF format