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Of Boats and Birds, of Fremantle & Fishing


John Steinbeck wrote “Of Mice and Men”, here I am writing of “boats and birds” and of “Fremantle and Fishing”.   The above photo (click to see it larger) was taken by me of a Crested Tern bird at the South Mole (harbour) of Fremantle city, in Western Australia.   A “Mole” in harbour terms is a massive wall built out into the sea to protect a shore or harbour from the force of waves.

Sean and I went fishing there, arriving by 6.00am, Friday 31st January 2014 (the start of Chinese New Year 2014 / 2015 ) because I had looked up the tides and best fishing days on the internet and advised him it was a time of high fish activity, after the “Super Moon.”

Well, Life is funny, because we hardly caught anything, as opposed to when we went last which was on the Public Holiday for Australia Day, Monday 27th January 2014.  He caught about 12 fish then, and you can read   what happened to two of those fish  at my other Blog, Fascinating Animals, if you really want to.

When I say “Life is funny”, of course I mean Life is curious, and it was due to curiosity that having photographed a huge cargo ship coming into Fremantle, see photos below, that I went to the trusty Internet to look up details about it.

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Late Afternoon Mosaic at Fremantle, Western Australia

Fremantle Sunset taken 6.16pm, 7/02/2014 Fremantle Sunset taken 6.16pm, 7/03/2014   

“Tall Ship” at Fremantle taken 6.20pm, 7/02/2014	“Tall Ship” at Fremantle taken 6.20pm, 7/03/2014       

This shot is of a “tall ship” or Leeuwin II Sailboat / Yacht sailing out into the Sunset.  You can  book a three hour tour   on one of these marvelous ships, run by The Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation, from November until late April.

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Sunset at Fremantle, Western Australia

Sunset at Fremantle

Here is a photo of the Sun going down at Fremantle, Western Australia.   I took it with my HTC Wildfire mobile telephone at 7.15pm on Tuesday 28th January 2013.   It was a Public Holiday here Down Under for “Australia Day.”

Below is a photo of a section of the water of the Indian Ocean at Fremantle, showing it as dark navy blue.

Ocean at Fremantle

And following –    are photos of a huge ship, the Taiko Tonisberg, that we saw come into the Harbour (probably carrying cars).


Taiko Tonisberg ship

Taiko Tonisberg ship

Wallenius Wilhelmsen3

Wallenius Wilhelmsen at Fremantle, Western Australia, 28 January 2013

Sunset at Fremantle Jan 2013

I loved seeing the Tug boat with the ship, but by the time I got around working out how to use the camera on my phone I didn’t get a good close up photo of the impressive Tug boat.  I took the photo of the ocean (cropped above) because I was trying to take a photo of a tern (bird) swooping into the water to pick up a fish, but I missed that photo opportunity too.   Anyhow, the first sunset photo is cropped, and just above is the original photo that I took in full.