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My Crystals

Need I say that I love crystals!

I have been blessed enough to surround myself with the crystalline world, since I was first interested in amethyst years ago.  Click on the images above to view my favourite beauties on a wooden “table tray” this morning, after they have been brought in from the 31st March 2018 special “Blue Full Moon.”

The crystals include rose quartz hearts, orange selenite heart, labradorite heart, aventurine and blue calcite hearts, amethyst cluster, black kyanite, amazonite, black obsidian and lots of gorgeous tumbled stones which I like to place in trinket trays.

My crystal “friends” bring me alot of calm and comfort and beauty, and while I’m not attached to them, particular crystals will seek me out, for what I need in the moment.

Crystals have a crystalline structure with certain atomic configurations and energy frequencies which can interact with the subtle energy fields of living beings.

I love crystals.  I find the following books useful for me.

Crystals for Beginners by Karen Frazier

Crystal Grids Power by Ethan Lazzerini

Crystal Healing for the Chakras by Ethan Lazzerini

Ethan Lazzerini has a fantastic website about Crystals.  Head over now to his site, in order to learn a huge lot about the beautiful and magnificent crystalline world that we are parts of.  Click on the link below.


Estee Lauder Face Care

I recently bought a lovely 5 piece Estee Lauder set online!  First, I went to David Jones in the City to look for it in Store, but they didn’t have it.  They had a   “Global Anti-aging Repair set” for $140, with a large 50 ml bottle of   Advanced Night Repair Creme, the full sized bottle of ANR usually costing a whopping $140 by itself, plus the Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-aging creme and eye balm and the “Perfectly Clean Foam Cleanser & Purifying Mask“,  that I was really interested in.  See the Global Anti-aging Repair Set below.  A nice set if you have $140 and want the Day Creme and the Eye Balm, the Cleanser / Mask, and of course, the full sized Advanced Night Repair !

el global anti aging repair set

Mainly I wanted the Perfectly Clean Cleanser which I discovered is currently in the “Stay Young, Start Now” set for $58.00  AUD.

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Pretty in Red


This week I was on my way to work when I saw a BEAUTIFUL LADY IN RED outside a shopping centre. She was handing out pamphlets for $2 coffees at the centre. Her outfit was a work of art. As she was so gorgeous, and in her magnificent attire cheered me up alot, I asked her if I could take a photo of her.

She asked her assistant to take a snap of her with me, so here is the result.

Something out of the ordinary to make my day extraordinary.

Natio gift to myself

At last I spent the $50 that my partner’s sister very kindly gave me for my Birthday which fell in September.  Off I went to Myer together with a $20 gift card so my prize totalled a grand $70.  A few weeks ago I won a $20 Gift Card to use at Myer / Coles / K-mart / Target through a competition at work.  That competition was about workplace safety where I and only one other person submitted an entry about why one should be safe in the workplace.  I had a fifty percent chance of winning, even so my entry was entertaining and proper enough to win the $20 Gift Card, a great prize.   Here is a scanned image of the Gift card.  It’s nice, isn’t it?

Myer Coles Gift Card

Well, I didn’t want to rush into spending my rewards so I took all the time in the world doing my research by looking at catalogues and at would-be purchases online.  I rather fancied going with some Natio products, such as the Natio Treasure’s Blockbuster set below.   Click on the picture below for more information.

natio-treasures-setThis set cost $60 at Myer on special reduced from $110 but once I got to Myer I saw a beautiful red and white themed selection of Christmas sets from Natio, which I thought were not expensive.   In the end I decided to forego the Blockbuster set above and opted for a Natio “All Yours” set which cost me only —- nothing.

The price tag was $50 but of course I used my birthday cash.  I quite liked the “Face” set for $28 too especially the little facial cleansing brush, so will probably buy that set next and add the brush to my bathroom supplies.   The “All Yours” set comes with a fold over clutch type toiletries bag, with see-through plastic coverings, so it looks like a jewellery pouch when you open it, only you put toiletries inside it of course, not jewellery (though of course you can put jewells in it if you really want to).

Natio All Yours Set

Natio All Yours Set

You can find out the contents of the Natio “All Yours Set” from  THIS  link here.

Last but certainly not least, I also bought the   Natio Men’s Blockbuster Set  as a Christmas gift for my partner, whom I am sure will be very pleased with it.


Color me Beautiful – Color/Colour Analysis


A long time ago I discovered Carole Jackson’s wonderful book “Color me Beautiful”.   The book is available from the Internet Archives.  Here is a description about it.

Finding your colors will be the nicest thing you can do for yourself. Without dieting, expense or effort, color can make you beautiful TODAY!

In Color Me Beautiful, Carole Jackson, a leading professional color consultant, tells you how.

The secret is simple: she uses the four seasons to describe people and their best colors. For just as nature is divided into four distinct seasons, each with its own harmonious colors, you have a unique skin tone, hair and eye coloring in tune with one of them.

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