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Lemon Meringue



Strawberry Shortcake’s best friend is “Lemon Meringue.”   I’ve just bought her together with her Butterfly friend, Henna, from a super eBay Seller – Lotus Eight and I love her to bits.  Yes, I am a bit of a Doll collector and already have the traditional small size Strawberry Shortcake with her pet cat  Custard.

My Lemon Meringue comes in mint condition in a box, and she is a beauty – a large 15 inch size to go with my large Strawberry Shortcake Doll !   This sweet lemon scented girl will be well cared for in my home.

I can say “I was over the Moon” when I saw her listed in Australia, pristine and lemon smelling, in her Box, because she is even more my favorite than the strawberry type.  I saw one of these large lemon dolls years ago but it slipped past me, then to my surprise & pleasure I saw Lotus Eight had it for sale at a great price.  Just in time for my Birthday which is on the 14th September.  Whoever said only kids play with Dolls is just …… wrong.

More Dolls to be listed soon on the Lotus Eight website !


Author: Star Wise

Bookaholic and Peace-aholic, and Animal lover, I try to spread peace and fairness for all, and appreciation of, and proper use of the wonderful world we live in. Mitakuye Oyasin - we are all related.

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