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Winning the Watching of the Rio 2016 Olympics – Channel 7 (Seven) Coverage


This is a guide for watching the broadcasts in Australia but the same principle applies for watching television and the “app” in any Country.

First of all, you may have a Book or a newspaper item or magazine with a general Schedule of events, for example I have a magazine called “Official Australian Olympic Team Guide to the 2016 Olympic Games – what to watch in Rio” which has a very nice 2 page spread (not removable) showing coloured blocks for all days of the Olympics denoting the Events scheduled, separating out the Medal events.

However, you really need a precise guide of the exact scheduled times of the Events to make “head or tail” of watching what you really want to watch on TV or on the Channel 7 App here in Australia.  I learned this the hard way.

I found that if you simply type  Rio Olympics Schedule  ( or Olympic Games Rio 2016 ) into Google you should get the day’s scheduled events pop up, then when you click on the arrow above “All Events” down the bottom, Google kindly shows much detailed information ( but don’t worry – you won’t see any Results ).  See screenshot below.

Google Olympics Schedule15082016


NOTE:  that Google will kindly show you the  LOCAL  times.  Click on “Overview” to return to the screen above, if you have navigated to one of the other Pages.

If Google isn’t the “search engine” that you use, just type Google into your search field, then click on the resultant link – to go to Google.  You will know you are using Google because their name appears at the top of the Search area.  Make sure that the Date and Time on your mobile device or computer’s clock is correct.


You might want to go to the Official Rio website, to apparently get your local times, wherever you live.  However, unless I’m mistaken, there is an error with the Official Rio website regarding showing the local times of the Events or the times of the Events where you live ( corresponding of course to the times in Brazil ).

The Link below will take you to the Official Rio Olympics 2016 Schedule ( don’t worry, no Results are shown on the page below ).  You can see at a glance the full Schedule with “rounds” for the various sporting events.


You can click on any of the “dots” on the web page above – to get more information. For example, under Golf, click on “Event” and select “Women’s” or “Men’s”.

The above gives the information in English, but if you click on the word “Settings” in the top right-hand corner, you can then CHANGE the Language for the website.

Theoretically, you can change the Time Zone to match that of your Country.  However, I have tried this out using both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, and sorry, but it doesn’t work !

IMPORTANT:  The times shown on the official Website are the times in Brazil.

If you want to find out how many Hours behind or ahead that Rio de Janeiro is from where you live, simply type into Google ( or another browser ) –   current time in Rio de Janeiro –  then look at your clock or watch to find your own current time.  Compare the two.

It looks like the Programmers of the official Rio Olympics Website got something wrong with the API programming.  If you want to see for yourself, try setting your local time zone on the Official Website ( link above ) for the Live Schedule, by clicking on Settings in the top right corner, then clicking on the green words for Brasilia or on the little green arrow, under GMT/My time zone.

Amazingly, the cities in the Time Zone drop-down list are NOT in alphabetical order, but the choices are in order of time “off-set”, for example, as I mentioned before, Perth Western Australia where I live, is 8 hours ahead of UTC ( Universal Time Coordinated ) or UTC + 8 so I scrolled down the List until I got to all the UTC + 8.00 entries and found Perth.

If you don’t know the UTC off-set Time for your Location, “google” or search upon  – Time Zone in  X Y Z –   where  X  Y  Z  is the name of the city in which you live.



Here below is evidence of the official site

NOT converting times to Local Time

The Google schedule AND the Channel 7 Live-stream website both show that the Final of the Women’s vault starts at 1.47 am Perth time, W.A. on Monday 15 August 2016.

I googled “current time in Rio de Janeiro” to find it is 3.14 AM Sunday 14 August there, while here it is 2.14 PM Sunday 14 August.  That must mean that Rio de Janeiro is 11 hours behind my local time, Perth W.A.

So take 11 hours away from 1.47 am ( or use the website calculator below ) to work out that the Final of the Women’s Vault will occur at 2.47 P.M. on Sunday 14 August 2016, Rio de Janeiro time.


Note:   You may have to scroll down the page above, to find the answer – 2.47 pm

I then went to the official Rio Olympics website to find this Event showing as starting at 14:47 ( or 2:47 pm using the 24 hour clock system ) – even though I had set the Time Zone to Perth.  The point is that the Setting to set the scheduled times on the official Rio Olympics website to your local time – does not work.

Channel Seven Broadcasts

I have tabled out the Perth broadcasts of the Rio Olympics.

7 Perth and 7 HD

9.00 p.m.  –  10.15 p.m.      day 1

10.15 p.m. – 12 midnight   day 1 going onto day 2

12 midnight – 6.00 am        the next day  – day 2

6.00 am – 9.00 am               day 2

9.00 am – 12 noon              day 2


7 Two and 7 Mate

6.30 p.m.  –  7.30 p.m.      day 1

7.30 p.m. –  9.30 p.m.      day 1

9.30 p.m.  – 12 midnight   the next day  – day 2

12 midnight –  6.00 am     day 2

6.00 am –  8.00 a.m.         day 2

8.00 am – 10.0 a.m.          day 2

NOTE:   If you live in the Eastern States of Australia you will have to Table or List your own Session times.

NOTE:  by “day 1” and “day 2” I do not mean literally Day One of the Olympics.  Of course, “day 1” means the first day that you are interested in, and “day 2” means the following day, seeing as our television broadcast is split over 2 days, either side of the midnight hour, LOL

NOW THE SCHEDULES ABOVE ARE MOSTLY OF LIVE EVENTS, although the Coverage includes as much of Australian events as the broadcasters can fit in –  and the coverage tends to be a little dis-jointed or choppy if you are inclined to call it that –  you will be happily watching an Event then the Channel will switch to an Event in which the Australians are in, then hopefully back to the other Event that you were watching.  Sometimes the Broadcaster shows a Replay also of some Event, and it is not always clear that it is a replay ( unless I have not been watching or listening closely enough, LOL ).

We noted also that some of the 7 -2 and 7 Mate sessions are made up of Replays – which you can see for yourself by looking at the Information on your electronic TV Guide which will say “Re-live … ”  and not say  LIVE ( as in being alive not as in “live and let live” ).

Let’s say that I checked the Google schedule and to my delight, found that the Women’s Vault FINAL is scheduled for Monday 15 August, commencing at 1.47 am  PERTH TIME ( if you are interested, that means it will be 2.47 pm on Sunday 14 August 2016, in Rio de Janeiro ).

  1. Find out the local time for an Event you are interested in – as above – tomorrow 1.47 AM
  2. Look at your television broadcaster’s Sessions
  3. The Session in red “12 midnight to 6.00 am next day” covers or includes 1.47 AM local time
  4. If you want to, stay wake until 1.47 am the next morning, to watch it LIVE (while it is actually happening)
  5. If you don’t want to watch it LIVE at 1.47 am on Monday morning ( Perth time ) record this Session ( 12 midnight to 6.00 am the next day ) at least – these Sessions broadcast LIVE events at the time they are broadcasting them – so this Session time should include the Gold Medal Event for the Women’s Vault.

Note:  there was no end of confusion in our household with working out when to record which Channel, and which Channels to record, especially as we set up our recorder to add an extra 15 minutes before and after the recorded session, and so when we tried to record both Channel 7 HD and 7 Mate, sometimes the over-laps meant the recordings wouldn’t work.  But I set out to solve the problem, and hopefully I have.

My suggestion is when recording consecutive television broadcast Sessions ( meaning broadcasts at consecutive times for one Channel ), it is best not to record the separate Sessions separately, e.g. don’t record 10.15 to midnight separately to the 12 midnight to 6.00 am broadcast, BUT rather to do a super long recording.  Start your recording, in this example, from 10.15 am and EDIT that recording and change the end time to 6.00 am.

We found, much to our surprise, that later when you go to play it, the Sessions will appear separately when you press Play !   This was impressive and no, it wasn’t just our Recorder that did it as it does not do that when we extend recording of one programme to include the next programme ( i.e. when we go and look for the Recording we see the Title of the first programme only – so of course have to remember what other Titles we covered ).

Having said all of this, I cannot guarantee WHICH Channel 7 station will actually show the Vault final, but assume that it would be 7 or 7 HD ( these are the same stations only the 7 HD is of course in “high definition” for HD televisions ) rather than on 7 -2 or 7 Mate, because 7 and 7 HD are the main Channel Seven Stations.

I would record the Session wanted – from 7 HD.   Apparently 7 Mate is in standard definition only, with programmes targeted for teenager and mid-range aged males, while 7 Two is in standard definition only, with programmes targeted for adult females!

* ***********

The Channel Seven / 7  App and Premium service

Now, I am a Telstra mobile customer with an “online account” so I get the Premium service of the Channel Seven Rio Olympics APP ( via their LIVE STREAM ) – free !!   Woo hoo.

The Premium service allows you to find Events that you like, which have finished or are still to be held, and to watch them via the APP, at your convenience and / or because they are not being shown on TV.  It lets you choose a Country of your choice in order to watch television coverage of that country too.

Not  ALL events are broadcast by Channel 7 stations free, at the times in the Lists above – there are so many events in total over the 2 weeks of the Olympics – the broadcaster broadcasts what they can “free-to-air” which of course, includes Australian content.  Imagine if your son was in the Olympics & the broadcaster did NOT show his Event – free to air !  You would not be happy.  It is only fair that Channel 7 shows Australians.

If you have a mobile telephone or other mobile device, you can download the Free Channel 7 App  via the Apple store or Google Play.

Click on the Olympics app Link below.



If you want to download or access the free Live Stream ( also called the FREE Rio Olympics APP but really it is just a Link to the “streaming” Website i.e. to the Channel 7 Web Site that downloads or streams the data ) onto your Desktop PC or onto a Lap Top, click on the Link below.



Ignore the part about “Downloading the Olympics on 7 App” and just click on “Coverage” to go to the Live stream.

From the website above, you can download the APP onto a mobile telephone or other mobile devic, by choosing either Android (which will take you to Google play) or IOS ( which will take you to the “Apple” iTunes store ) depending upon the Operating System ( OS ) that your device uses.  Ask mum or “google” if you don’t know what OS your gadget runs.  This is another way of downloading the App onto a mobile telephone or mobile device, other than going to the Olympics app link.


Click on the Link below to access the PREMIUM SERVICE.  This link allows you either to pay for Premium content if you are not a Telstra subscriber ( by clicking on the PREMIUM button ) or to get free Premium content if you are a Telstra customer ( click on “Get Access” – I think that once you have got access, this “button” changes to “Free Access’ ).

Follow the prompts & give yourself a Gold Medal if you can work out how to register or actually access the Premium content.



For further instructions, click on the Link below, then on “How do I access Seven’s Olympics on 7 App or website” to get to the section on “How do I get Premium Access”.



The first Link shown below is to be used only to put the APP onto a mobile telephone or an iPad or other mobile device.  The second link below should be used to watch Live TV on your PC or Lap-top ( works on your iPad and iPod also ).


Once you have the FREE APP ( Live coverage or Live-stream ) on your PC / Lap Top or mobile device, Just click on “Coverage” at the top, which will take you to the area where you can watch Live TV “streamed” to your computer.

Make sure you look for the word “LIVE” for actual live coverage, as some Channel 7 Stations will just show Replays.   If you have a Lap-top or iPad, make sure you scroll down the page, to check for what is showing LIVE.



This will bring up a side-bar or strip / “menu” on the left-hand side.

From there, click on Schedule or on Sports.

Anyone can watch ( “stream” ) certain LIVE coverage on their PC / Lap Top / iPad or Mobile Telephone – shown below, but you either have to pay for PREMIUM coverage or access it free if you are a Telstra customer – to pick and choose what to watch.


The Channel 7 Schedule ( shown below ) is useful in terms of you can scroll backward & forward through the dates for any particular sport.  To see events and times in the past click on “Previous Day” at the top right.

I worked out that the Events listed on the Channel 7 Live stream / App.  Schedule – refer to local times – wherever in Australia you live.

The “App” is intelligent enough ( or configured / programmed ) to automatically pick up or tune into your current physical Location.  But make sure that the Clock on your computer or mobile device is correct, of course.  It uses the 24 hour clock so 13:00 means 1.00 PM and 14:00 means 2.00 PM and so forth up until 24:00 which means Midnight, then it starts at 01:00 which means 1.00 AM in the morning … 11:00 will be 11.00 am and 12:00 means Midday or Noon.

I must say that I find it “nice” and convenient to watch the Olympics Coverage on my Lap-top (although I’m watching the events on TV as much as possible ) and I have used the Premium content.

If you are watching the Olympic coverage LIVE, and have access to the PREMIUM content via the APP, you can turn to your APP and choose an Event of your LIKING to watch using the APP, if you are bored or not interested in one of the Live Events.  Ha.

Last but not least, a few words on how to use the 7 Premium service.  I love the Gymnastics so I found that the Artistic Gymnastics is on early Monday ( Perth time ) and dutifully found it on the website – see below.  Right-click to View the image below & magnify it by pressing the Ctrl key and the plus + keys simultaneously, using the Windows OS.  Don’t forget to press the Ctrl key and the 0 ( zero ) keys together at the same time, to return the screen to normal size!


I gave a yell because I didn’t see the “Women’s Final Vault” at 1.47 AM showing there, but not to worry you about that.  I found out that you have to click on the “ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS – xxx “ heading, which will expand a list or drop down a list of actual Events under the Category of Artistic Gymnastics.


So, I’m a happy Olympics watcher now !!  I hope this Post helps someone reading this.


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