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Hello Kitty Again

I’ve just bought a honey coloured fully pose able “Hello Kitty” plush toy, from an eBay seller!   Isn’t she sweet.

She is a rare 2004 yellow / gold Kitty with jointed limbs.  This Kitty will join my other favorite  TOYS.


My recent acquisitions also include the following from  THIS  ebay seller.



A “Hello Kitty in a Car” tissue box cover.

hellokittytinbag2 hellokittytinbag1

hellokittytinbag9 hellokittytinbag8

A “Hello Kitty” tin case.  The strap length is just right for me, & I am small



My last post about “Hello Kitty” things doesn’t mention my “Hello Kitty” tea-cup clock radio, which I have by my bedside.  I really like it as the radio works, the digital clock display is in red and I can see it in the dark, and there is a cute slice of lemon that lights up when one flicks a switch at the back of the clock.

Unfortunately the back-up for my Clock is not working – due to my own foolishness.  This clock which I bought from an Australian seller runs on electricity but you just put in a battery to keep the clock going when the electricity goes off.  Well upon receiving my clock, I eagerly shoved in a battery but I connected it wrongly ( I don’t know much about the positive goes to the negative, or whatever it is ) and pouff –  I “shorted” the circuitry –  meaning the battery back-up doesn’t work now, thanks to my woeful lack of electrical knowledge.

Anyhow I still use the clock, and I love it.   It is easy to operate with flower shaped buttons to set the current time and you use the slider to set and activate the alarm.  You can wake up to radio (not loud either) or to a buzzer, and there is a Snooze function, so you can set the radio to play for up to 2 hours, to send you to sleep.

I love all things Kitty.  There are plenty of these clock-radios for sale on ebay at reasonable prices.  Just make sure you get one suitable for the power requirements in your country, e.g. here in Australia we run on 240 volts.  Below is a link to a You Tubevideo showing the clock in action!


Time –  set the current time by pressing the “Time” flower shaped button on the top of the clock/radio, then in turn pressing the “Hour” button then the “Minute” button.  Note that either 2 dots on the left light up or just one dot lights up.  This feature helps you to tell the difference between A.M. and P.M.   In other words, you can set your current time for say 9.15 with one dot lighted up, showing it is 9.15 in the morning or A.M.   You can set your Alarm time for say 9.15 P.M. by making sure you scroll through the time when setting the alarm, until 2 dots light up –  the 2 dots in this chosen system – denote P.M.  ( while of course, 1 dot shows A.M. ).



Set the alarm time by pressing the “Alarm / Reset” flower shaped button on the top of the clock / radio, then in turn pressing the “Hour” button, then the “Minute”.

After setting the Alarm, push the Slider to “Auto” if you want to wake up to Radio.

After setting the Alarm, push the Slider to “Buzzer” if you want to wake up to the buzzer.

Press “Alarm Reset” to check the alarm time you have set.

When the alarm goes off, press the Kitty figure on the top to Snooze.  Press Kitty again to turn off alarm.

If you wake up before the Alarm goes off & want to cancel the upcoming alarm ( in other words, you set your alarm but don’t want to actually use it – you are just pretending to wake up to the alarm probably ) – slide the Slider to the Off position.


The Sleep button starts off at 1:59 meaning you can sleep to 1 hour and 59 minutes of radio.

To adjust how long the Radio plays for while you are settling into sleep, hold the SLEEP button.

Press the MIN button at the same time, the clock starts counting down.  Release both buttons once you have reached your desired duration, e.g. you think that 45 minutes of listening to your radio station of choice, will be enough to send you to sleep –  keep pressing until   :45  shows on the display, then let go off the 2 buttons.

If you want to cancel the Timer before it counts down to  0 0   press the SNOOZE button –  which is … the Kitty figure on top of the clock / radio !

I also have this rare and beautiful small “Hello Kitty” and Friends desk clock.  It was never for sale in retail stores, but available as a prize for points for something, and I got it from eBay, of course.  It will be pretty, cheery and functional at work.  I purchased the clock in the picture below from   THIS  great ebay seller.   HELLO KITTY !  Welcome to my Home.



I gave the tin bag away for a jumble sale.

I bought another clock.  If you look up –  Hello Kitty alarm clock sleeping  – on eBay, you will find lots of these.


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