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Hello Kitty


Here is my beautiful one-of-a-kind Hello Kitty Hawaiian Hibiscus mirror!  I love it, and purchased it on ebay from “Pretty Kittys“.


I love “Hello Kitty” and I love kitties and Kit Kats!  At work I have a “Hello Kitty” mouse mat and a “Hello Kitty” deluxe pencil / pen case.  I was thrilled to receive my Mirror this week, along with some other welcome surprises, which the seller very kindly sent to me.

I bought the double pencil case below from an eBay seller also, a while ago, for my sister.  It has a middle section, one side with coloured pencils and the other side with textas, and various drawing and art instruments strapped into each opposite pouch / side.

hello kitty pencil case2.JPG


hello kitty pencil case1.JPG

Below is a “Hello Kitty” measuring tape that I bought ages ago from an eBay seller, and gave to my niece, but I wish that I had kept it for myself especially seeing as the Niece didn’t even really want it!

hello kitty measuring tape

At work, I have a flip around Kitty shaped mirror.


Below is a picture of my “Hello Kitty” deluxe pencil case that I love, and have at work too.  I bought it from Lasermark (ebay).  Even though it cost   $25  AUD   I still wanted it, so I bought it.aa Hello Kitty Deluxe pencil caseaa Hello Kitty Deluxe pencil case - open

It has 3 buttons on the top, one to flip open the compartment to the left, which is a thermometer !!  The second button opens up a compartment on the short left side in which one can place an eraser, and the third button –  oops can’t remember –  I guess I mustn’t use that one at work.  There’s a pencil sharpener with a button next to it which flips open the door to the sharpener.

You put pens / pencils in the plastic holders and flip up the holders so your pens / pencils are handy at your reach, and can put more pens/pencils or paper clips into the front area.  Close the lid ( there’s an insert for you to put in a card with your name on it ) and turn the box over, and there’s another compartment on the other side, with a lid !!

The reverse compartment is just a plain compartment, very handy for putting coloured pencils in that will fit.

The Case measures 4cm H x 25cm W x 9cm D and is an Official Hello Kitty product.  There are different types of the Hello Kitty pencil cases, and my favorite is the one that I bought.

Last but not least, I bought myself a “Hello Kitty” mouse mat, also for Work.   Hahaha.   Guess what ??  I also bought this ( a while ago ) from an eBay seller ( that no longer sells them ).

aa Hello Kitty Mouse Mat


Once again, there are various assorted types of “Hello Kitty” mouse mats, including one the same design as above but a much darker pink.

Did I mention I like Kitties ???

HERE  is a Link to my other Blog “Fascinating Animals” which has a Page featuring our kitty cat Shandy.

If you want your animal friend featured there, please contact me at my other Blog !!

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