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Perth Royal Show 2015

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Purrfectly Cool_Perth_Royal_Show_2015

It’s on again!  The Perth Royal Show, this year, runs from Saturday 26th September until Saturday 3rd October 2015.  Just one week of games, rides, showbags, animals, exhibitions and purchases you wouldn’t normally make!

My sister and I bought our tickets earlier from our local IGA store with a saving of $4, making our Adult priced tickets $25 each rather than $29 each.  Any saving is a saving, we thought.  Having perused the parking suggestions on the official website, we decided to park at Rowe Park, the closest parking to the show at the Claremont Showgrounds.

I’m used to getting up around 6.15 am to go to work, so my sister stayed the night at my house on Friday 25th, then on Saturday 26th, we got up early, had a light breakfast & got ready.  Off we went, with my sister driving, loaded with camera, coffee in a thermos flask, hats, and a bottle of Powerade drink each.  We arrived at the little concrete car park for the actual Park, about 7.50 am, yes, at ten to 8.   We planned to get there an hour before the Show started, because we heard there was very limited parking.   We also though that one had to pay $20 for official parking.

However, because we had got there so very early, luckily, we were able to park in the official car park, rather than have to drive onto the lawn, which I think is what you have to pay for.  Rowe Park was a pleasant grassy area with swings and amenities, a great place for kids to play in or adults to sun themselves to have a sleep, or to do some pleasant reading.  In the car, I sipped my coffee eagerly, while noting a Sign reading “Surveillance Cameras” in use.

If you are driving, I recommend you turn into Langsford Street, Vaucluse Avenue or Reserve Road, off Stirling Highway, as shown below, to get to Stevens Road.   The small Car Park is off Stevens Road.  You then simply get out off your car, and bear right-ish or cross the road carefully ( two lanes ) and walk to the right under the bridge then around to the left and there is Gate One. 

Rowe Park

We couldn’t see any Patrol men or women around, i.e. parking inspectors, so we sat in the car for a while, then set off.  We didn’t pay $20 or anything, because there was no-one there to pay money to!  There were about 4 other cars there, and a 4-wheel drive with adults and children arrived soon after us, obviously destined for the Show too.  The car park was still about half empty when we got out off the car around 8.15 am, meaning there would have still been about 5 car bays free.  This was astonishing to me, as I thought one might have to get there 2 hours before the Show opened at 9.00 am to get parking there, but it wasn’t that bad.

Anyhow, the Gate 1 to the Show was just around the corner, under the bridge, so there we were at the top of the queue outside the Perth Royal Show, but we had to wait for 40 minutes.  We donned our hats soon, and got out our cool drinks.

At 9.00am the roller shutter doors opened, and in we went.  We headed off in a clockwise direction, starting at the Pavilions, including the IGA, which were very enjoyable, with a huge range of all sorts of things.  We bought a Map of the Showgrounds for $1 at the Information Centre near the gate ( having forgotten to take the lift-out free map in last weekend’s Newspaper ).  Make sure you take money to make direct purchases, in case you find a gift for yourself at one of these pavilions.  Unfortunately, we did not think at all to go directly to the Dinosaur Discovery exhibition at the other side, and by the time we got there just after 11.00 am, the queue was super long, so being tired and bothered a little by then, we decided not to wait.  My suggestion is to go straight there at 9.00 am or as close as you can, if that is one of your “must do” plans for the Show !!

We missed the racing and diving Pigs in a corner of the Showgrounds, at 11.00 am but wondered why pigs would want to race and dive, so didn’t mind too much.  We watched a Sheepdog jump up onto sheeps’ backs and do his trial run or whatever it was.

At the big Pavilion near Gate One, there were the most beautiful artifacts or items at a stall with all sorts of onyx and marble sculptures from Afghanistan, and I would have bought a gemstone heart if I didn’t already have so many. There was the Sultan’s Treasures from Istanbul with small trivets, jewellery, and decorations, which I loved. I almost bought a neat wall-hanging dangling treasure with 7 elephants in a column or dangling, the smallest at the top, then graduating in size to the largest at the bottom. After the largest Elephant was an “Eye” ornament at the bottom of the dangler, for protection.  This cost $25.

We stopped quite a while at a stall where Tibetan Singing Bowls were on sale, from the company below.  I bought a 14cm reddish brown and gold bowl for $68 and a little cushion for $5 to sit it on.  It gives a high pitched tone for clearing purposes.  Other bowls are used for restfulness or good sleep.  You would have to check with the people below about which bowl does which.


I just uploaded my attempt at home to make my Bowl sing, to my Youtube Channel.  If interested, click on the Link below.


There was a stall where for $15 you could have a mold taken of your hand, and your hand cast in wax. I was tempted to get a wax casting of my hand, but imagined the wax all melting before I got home, though perhaps it wouldn’t if you picked it up last and put it in an esky. I didn’t ask about this.  Maybe it was made from wax that doesn’t melt easily.

Show Bags_Perth_Royal_Show_2015

There were lots of various Showbag stalls scattered around, as we made our way to to the Sideshow Alley.  If you are looking for the Women’s Weekly Showbag or the Elle or Dolly Showbags, they are in the Robinson Pavilion

I was pleasantly surprised to note lots of Game stalls, as I think when I last went to the Show some years ago, there weren’t many different games. This time around, there seemed not to be the same Rides, as in no Roller coaster. Maybe I am “behind the times” and the roller coasters were taken out off the show a long time ago. Never mind, as there were plenty of jaw dropping Rides still there, as shown below. I couldn’t help staring at the Ranger, thinking how the heck do people go on that, without —   awful results.   See Rides at the page below, if you dare.


Anyhow, we each had a go on one of the Laughing Clowns for $5, that is, $5 each turn but only if you have 2 tries or 2 people can have one attempt each, otherwise it cost $6 for one try or attempt.   I went very slowly, trying for one of the numbers for a big prize but managed a total of 15 when I needed 16 or something else. The stall holder didn’t seem keen on giving us our prize choices, as every one gets a prize, even if something you just give to the Op shop. I think she thought because we were adults, we would refuse a prize, but she was wrong!

Some nice guy tried to get us to have a go on a Shooting game, but I can’t aim at all, so sadly for him, had to pass on that. I was interested in a Game in which you had to climb a wonky, shaky perhaps rubbery ladder, in a race to get to the top before someone else did. The Ladder was quite short, and being small, I thought I had a chance to win, but I wasn’t brave enough to go in it, especially as I was wondering if one had to race against one of the Stall holders for that game, in which case I definitely wouldn’t win.

We found one of the favorites of friends and mine, being the Race which is won by throwing small hard balls into various round holes in an enclosed sort of perspex or plexi-glass covered drawer, with different effects or values.

At this point, I have to proudly confess that years ago at the Perth Royal Show, I won a big plush Tweety Bird toy on this Game, but the racers then were Camels!   Another time at the Royal Show, I won a big Duckling toy ( which I like more than I like Tweety, sorry Tweety ), on the “fishing ducks” Game.   I call my Duckling “Eggbert.”

Click  HERE   to see Eggbert.

Those Camel sculptures were gorgeous, but this year they were replaced by Neptunes riding Sea-horses. I prefer the Camels, but nevertheless, after we practiced as advised by the lovely girl who ran the Stall, we then paid $5 each to enter the Race! My Sea-horse was number 9 and during the first half of the Race, I did quite well. I never once look at the competing gallopers or crawlers, in the case, of some racers like my sister.

The stall holder gave a running narration of the progress. Getting the ball into a certain round hole would move your steed quite a few “clicks” ahead, while another hole would only move it one click, and so on. Each entrant had two balls and you aimed to get a ball into the hole furthest away which was shaded in red, for the maximum number of Sea-horse steps or moves. The thing is that I got tired quickly and soon couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing. The lady announced “we have a Winner, number two.”   I looked up, satisfied a little to see that my Sea-horse had come third, after numbers 2 and 12.  Number 8 driven by my sister was down the other end, close to the Race start!


At the Animal Nursery, my sister filmed the chicks and I uploaded the video off this to Youtube.  Hopefully, you can see this very short video, if you patiently wait for the data to download.

Below is a photo of a pony at the Animal Nursery.


We stopped to have a nice Andronicus coffee and a doughnut, for $4 each doughnut and $4 each regular sized coffee.  The doughnuts were really nice, fresh and jammy, I love them when they are like that.  That helped a bit to resuscitate us.  There were many Food stalls around, most of the not so healthy Take-away type –  Red Rooster, Chicken treat, burgers.  Also there was a Dumpling House but with not too many choices, although it did have egg and lettuce and chicken & lettuce sandwiches.  There was a nice Mexican food stall, and a Gozleme stall with fairly healthy food.

Coffee break_Perth_Royal_Show_2015

The Creative Crafts Exhibition with awesome cross-stitch, knitting, crochet and other items, was really impressive.  There was a cookery exhibition also.  We bought our Showbags last.  I bought a Betty Boop Showbag for $25 which includes a very nice & handy ceramic coffee mug with a lid, and a Monopoly Show bag.  My sister bought a Sonic the Hedgehog Showbag and a Bertie Beetle Diamond Deal Showbag, and generously showered / shared the chocolate beetles with me!

At Gate 1 my sister took a photo of me – see below.  I’m wearing a cat themed t-shirt, with CATTITUDE, and by this stage, I may be looking like Grumpy Cat, being a bit fed up having been at the Show from 8.20 am to 12.20 and out in the Sun and traipsing around quite alot.  At the Gates you were offered a bag with the weekend Newspaper free, but it is a good idea to get one at the end of your stay if you want to, and can, rather than lug it around with you on your journey.  We were impressed to find, also at the Gates, quite a few small Lockers.  One could put smallish to medium sized personal items in a Locker and pay $2 for the locked locker, then be unburdened by such luggage on one’s stroll around the Grounds.

Map_Gate1_Perth_Royal_Show_2015At the Animal Nursery, we saw a beautiful little Sooty Owl at the Raptor stand, and I bought a necklace there & a little orange ceramic Owl with a message, to support Raptor conservation.   There was a caged area in which little ones could mingle with farm animals, some of the sheep were as big as some of the little human beings.   All in all, a very enjoyable & worthwhile day, that only comes around once a year !!

Below is a photo of my orange Owl.  I think I have learned that while “Kindness matters” this kindness also means or involves KINDNESS toward Oneself, sometimes neglected by kindly people.  So I rather think now, Kindness matters where it matters, meaning don’t go over-board and be “kind” at the expense of not standing up for yourself in a kindly, civil manner.  YOU yourself matter as well as others, so treat yourself to going to the Royal Show perhaps.  Be kind to others but don’t let them treat you with dis-respect. If someone upsets you, tell them how you feel or what you think as long as you say this in a kind but firm way.  You may think, “Why should I?” and YES, it can take up alot of your energy, but be WISE as the Owl portends, and your kindness will return to you.

So sayeth Star Wise ( me ).   I hope you enjoyed reading this Post.  Share with others please.



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