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Happy Birthday to Therese and Celine


It’s our Birthdays today!  I was born 1.25 hours after my non-identical twin sister, Therese.

The nicest birthday gift for me ( Celine ) today was waking up, and the first thing that I saw –  was our beautiful, sweet, soft Shandy cat, smiling at me.   How nice is that ?   Below is a photo of him in his new “tiger cubby” bed, napping by the fire.  He sleeps alot as he is 15 years old, but he is full of Life and is a wise Be-ing.  I was grateful to pat his little head, and say “Thank you for being here on my Birthday” to him!

Shandyinbed2So, on the Saturday past, I went out to dinner and here is a photo of the cake that I was surprised with.


Today, my partner & sister and I will have a quiet but lovely evening at home, with dinner and watching movies.  This is a special birthday for me, as it took 8 months from last October for me to fully recover from major surgery.  I am so glad that I made it to this Birthday.

To finish off, here is a coloring picture from my book on Mandalas.  I coloured it in myself, and it took quite a while to do so.  It is a reminder that there are “invisible” spirits or sprites cum energies around us all the time, that are benevolent and help us and Nature.

mandala coloring_small


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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Therese and Celine

  1. Hope you enjoyed the day. I saw all the adult colouring books and even magazines in a book shop here. I have heard they are very popular.

  2. Thank you Ethan. Yes there are huge numbers of these around now! Someone at work said that coloring in for adults is good for mental health, is this a sign of things today then ? !!

  3. A happy belated birthday from the Kelley’s to you and your sister. I’ll write soon.

  4. Thank you. 🙂 I was thinking of you this week & going to write you, but my “gunnaDothatSoon” got lost or something!