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Vintage Manicure Set

I bought this vintage manicure set recently, from an   eBay seller.   It is beautiful, German made with embroidered case and a mirror inside surrounded by plush red pleats.  It contains a nail file, scissors, a scoop cuticle pusher, a tool for cleaning under the nails, and an orange stick.


manicurekit3A long time ago I bought some great “Lady Love” nail care items, including a “palette” to hold onto and keep my hand / fingers steady, while applying nail polish, and a super little pen to remove stray bits of polish – you just unscrew a cap at the bottom and pour in a little nail polish remover – and put back the cap. The remover fluid seeps through to a pad at the tip.  As far as I know, Lady Love or Michael John products are no longer available.

ManicurePalette-CuticleCleanerLadyLovePolishRemoverI recently bought a Sally Hansen nail cuticle remover oil, which I quite like.  It has a cute little brush, to apply the oil, which is beautifully soothing and moisturizing, and of course, helps push back & remove unwanted cuticles.





Author: Star Wise

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