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New Hair-style & Argan Oil Hair care products



Above is a “selfie” photo that I took off myself on 27th Jan. 2015, with my new short hair-style.  I wanted my hair cut around my ears, and the hair-dresser did a good job I think, with a modern look having my hair at the top swept to one side.  Please excuse the dark under-eyes, etc. as sometimes I don’t sleep well, and that is what happens. Well, as the conditioner that the hair-dresser used, smelled so nice, I asked her what it was, and she replied that it was Argan Oil Hair Conditioner by Juuce, so having been interested in   argan oil  products for a while, I had a look at what they had on offer.

I was shown a “special” set of a lovely checked black & white cosmetics/toiletries case with a handle at the top, containing 4 great hair products, for the price of $49. Usually a Juuce Argan Oil Shampoo & a Juuce Argan Oil Conditioner each cost $23, so I thought this special was pretty good.

My kit also included a Juuce Argan Oil “Angel Mist” which is a styling mist for shampooed & conditioned hair, or can be applied to damp hair.  The 4th item is a “nak” body-n-shine sea salt root lift, which means it is a styling mist that is applied to the roots of the hair after shampooing/drying the hair, then one can use a styling brush or just a blow-dryer to style.  Each of the 4 products costs around $23 on its own, so for $49 I got $92 worth of products, plus the bag!

Photos of them are below.




JUUCEtoiletriesbagWITHshampoo   JUUCE toiletries bag





Argan oil is the world’s most expensive oil, as it is difficult and time consuming to produce it.  Argan Oil  was extracted centuries ago, when the Berbers found a way to extract and use it for both cosmetic and culinary purposes.

You can see from the article below, that Argan Oil hair products help de-tangle, de-frizz, style and nourish the hair.  Argan Oil can be used neat on the hair too, and in body care products, but do your home-work first, to find which products are genuine and most economical for what they do.  One of the ingredients of your hair care product should be “100% Argan Oil” or  “100% Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil”.



 Argan oil sold today is harvested and produced solely by women in a women’s cooperative and profits are shared amongst local Berber women, providing them with healthcare and education, which in turn helps the entire Berber community as a whole.

The entire area is now ecologically protected to ensure that Argan resources do not run out and that the women can continue to earn a living. In fact, in 1999 UNESCO declared the entire Argan region a biosphere reserve.

Read more at –

I went to a local small hair-dressers, not one of the “big” more expensive & well known hair-dressers, but perhaps you can have a look in various hair-dressers near you and ask if they sell authentic Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner.

If you are in Australia, you could try Argan Life for your ethical Argan Oil products, except for shampoo and conditioner.  To buy shampoo & conditioner, type in  “juuce argan oil shampoo”  into your search field while connected to the internet.



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  1. Short hair is becoming quite the style here in the states. You look great.

  2. Thank you Billy, have a great day!