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Hopman Cup, 4 – 10 Jan. 2015

Hopman Cup 2015 Official ProgrammeFor a Word document with Tables for you to record Group A and
Group B winners, click on the link below.
You can keep the doc & and over-type to record each year’s results.
Hopman Cup Round Robin Results

It’s on again!  The famous Perth Hopman Cup.  We Sandgropers or Western Australians love the Cup, well at least, I do.  This unique tournament with its fantastic, gorgeous prizes, was first held at the Perth Arena in 2012/ 2013 and will be held at the Perth Arena in 2015.  Sometimes the Cup starts in December, hence it crosses two years!  The Hopman Cup tournament first appeared in 1989!

The ticket prices can be seen at  THIS  page of the HC website, and include the cost of public transport to and from the event.  This practically means you can just show your Ticket for up to 3 hours before the Session you are attending, and for up to 3 hours after, and go on the Perth trains or buses for free!!

My partner and I attended the opening day session on Sunday 4th JanOur seats were further back along the sideline opposite where the Chair umpire sits, in Block 306, row L.  We didn’t mind as we were close to the doors and under the shelter of the closed part of the retractable roof ( avoiding bird surprises on our heads – see my other Post on this Blog ).  We watched the match between Canada and the Czech Republic – Eugenie Bouchard & Vasik Pospisil versus Lucie Safarova & Adam Pavlasek.

HOW SCORING OF THE HOPMAN CUP WORKS – click on the Link below !

GrandSlamGal explains how scoring works in the Hopman Cup

Below is my attempt to show 4 teams which I have named A, B, C & D, competing against each of the other 3 teams – resulting in 6 games per Group.  As there are two Groups, each Group playing 6 games in total, the tournament has a total of 12 games, two each day ( Day & Evening Sessions ) from Sunday 4th Jan. 2014 to Friday 9th Jan. 2014 ( over 6 days ).

The Final match will course be composed of the Winner of Group A and the winner of Group B, and will happen on Saturday 10th January 2014, commencing 3.30pm.

AB       BC

AC       BD

AD      DC

I cleverly worked out that it is possible for the Final Ties Won scores or numbers to be –  2, 2, 1, 1 or 2, 2, 2, 0 – which is when two or three Teams ( countries ) have won 2 Ties each and either the other two teams have won one tie each in the case of 2, 2, 1, 1; or the other team has not won any ties in the scenario of a 2, 2, 2, 0 Group round robin score.  In this case, the next level of scoring has to be referred to – as explained by Grand Slam Gal. A tie is a session of 3 matches of one country or team against another.

By the way, the scoring for a Group could also be 3, 1, 1, 1  or 3, 2, 1, 0.

Wikipedia lists the past Winners too, and if you click on the Year in the first column of the Table it will take you to another page showing the teams and results for that Year’s tournament.  It has happened in the past where there has been no out-right Group Winner!

From scanning Wikipedia and some of the “Past Results” of the Cup website, I came across the 2006 Hopman Cup tournament in which ( unless I am mistaken ), the U.S.A. and Serbia-Montenegro teams both won 2 games in their Group.

However, as the U.S.A won a higher percentage of Sets than did the other team, the U.S.A. was the Group A winner on points.  Scroll down the page below until you come to Group A standings.


Where it has under Matches 5 – 4 that means the team won 5 matches and lost 4 matches, and under Sets where it says 12 – 8, that means the U.S.A. won 12 Sets and lost 8 Sets.  This makes sense if you think that each team plays 3 ties or sessions of 3 matches each, which multiplies at 9 matches total.  Each match makes up between 2 and 3 sets, as a Team could win outright if the pair wins the first 2 sets, in which case a 3rd set is not necessary.

Isn’t Maths great, if you can do it!


The Hopman Cup website has a page with a Table or grid (matrix) showing the “Round Robin” results HERE.

Be Warned – “spoiler” –  the table mentioned above has the up to date RESULTS of the Matches, so DON’T go to that Page if you DON’T want to see all results so far.

Alas, there is no Schedule in the Official hard copy Program which one can refer to “off-line” ( away from the computer ) OR use to fill in the results as one watches the Matches.

THIS  page of the Hopman Cup website shows “Past Results” with details of ALL 12 Sessions of past Hopman Cup tournaments.  The  Honour Roll  of the website lists the past Winners in summary.

The tournament is a sanctioned event in the calendar of the International Tennis Federation (ITF), but individual player results are not included in the calculation of the tennis world rankings.

Tennis Racquet Trophies !

The winning team ( pair ) of the Hopman Cup are presented with the silver Hopman Cup perpetual trophy to hold aloft, and the winning team members are each given distinctive individual trophies to keep forever.

To see photos of the new prizes that first appeared in January 2014, and read more about the Hopman Cup experience, the Perth Arena, and my visit to the Cup on 3 January 2013 (during the 2012 / 2013 tournament ), please visit the Links below.

Hopman Cup 2013 / 2014 – Solid Gold Tennis Racquet Trophy Prize !

The Hopman Cup 2013 – Perth Arena

Money Prizes

GrandSlam Gal explains the prize allocation in 2012.

In 2014 there was a total prize money pool of one million dollars, and there is no reason why that amount would be different this year, though it is difficult to work out exactly what the winners & runner ups do receive.

The 2011 prize breakdown can be read at the Blog below, although when I added the amounts up, they didn’t come to one million AUD.


Television Broadcast

Channel 7Mate in Australia will be showing live coverage of the Hopman Cup in Australia, from 10.00am until 4.00 pm, and from 5.30pm to 11.30pm ( Perth time ).


I was lucky enough to buy this wonderful “female tennis player” brooch from Barb of   VintageJewelryPlus  who sells on the Etsy online platform !  It is a Jonette Jewelry ( JJ ) piece. The JJ company was re-named “Artifacts” in 1986.  What an ACE in the area of tennis jewelry.  I am happy to SERVE this one up!


My partner took a photo of me outside the Perth Arena.  We arrived about 9.15am after a rather dangerous walk there from the Perth train station.  This was because of big construction works occurring which meant that at one stage, people going to the Arena were forced to actually walk on Wellington Road for a minute or two.  The side-walk was boarded off entirely by temporary wire fences!

On the way back a Bus came down Wellington Road, whisking past us all about a whisker away, which scared me, but after waiting for a break in the traffic, the crowd sensibly hopped smartly onto the road, including me. I remarked “if a car comes, it can either run us over or let us through.”  My partner responded, “vehicle drivers HAVE to give way to pedestrians” which gave me some reassurance.

Perth Arena Hopman Cup Opening 4_January_2015

I am wearing the “tennis player” brooch and clutching a Canadian flag!  I noted with interest on the official Hopman Cup site that  small hand flags would be available  to show which team was supported.  You can see one of the entertainers on springy stilts behind me ( I think she thought we were taking a photo of her ), and to her right there is someone in black, handing out what I call “Channel 7 paddle fans.”

Czech_Canada_Flags_channel 7_paddle_fan

The snap above is my attempt to show the Czech Republic flag and the Canadian flag, as well as the “Channel 7 paddle fan”.   The latter came very much in handy as a hand-held fan when in the Arena when I got a hot flush, haha.  I waved the Maple leaf while my partner kindly thought he had better support the other team if I was supporting Canada!

There are toilets handy by each door to the Blocks ( and queuing up is required at breaks, of course ), and a Members & VIP Bar here and there ( for alcohol only ), and Food Kiosks here & there.  We experienced some confusion with the Kiosks as the one next to our Block had the “Hopman Cup Menu” boards all over it – including Chicken Club Sandwich, Beef Wrap, Chicken Wrap, Burger, Battered Chips in Aioli, etc. ( and I can’t remember if there were any vegetarian choices ), but when we asked what was included in the “Hot Food Combo” the reply was “oh we don’t serve hot food, you have to go down-stairs for that.”

Well, we hadn’t eaten breakfast, though we had cleverly taken a 700ml bottle of “Pump” water each with us ( as patrons are NOT allowed to take their own food into the Perth Arena, but are allowed to take in one sealed bottle of water ).  After the women’s single match finished, we went downstairs to purchase lunch.

I muttered to my partner “that can’t be right” when the cashier asked for nearly $32, but it was!  A “combo” of burger, chips, and a small drink, cost $19 and a Burger by itself cost $12.   We rushed over to some tall tables and tall stools nearby, next to the down-stairs Bar and to where 96Fm representatives were stationed.  The Chips were very nice, and the burger so-so.  The patty was nice however we were not too impressed with the bun or accompaniments, but then at least we had something to eat at all, when so very many have next to nothing.

Food bought at the Arena can be taken into the Stadium, and I recommend peering at the food that other patrons have brought to their seats, to see what it looks like and help you make your own selection.

The Hopman Cup Program ( or Programme ) is 32 pages in length and cost $10.  If you are a Hopman Cup member, you can get 10% discount off the Program & other merchandise.  The Program contains great profiles on the top players and profiles all 2015 Hopman Cup players, but surprisingly does not actually have the Schedule or the “Order of Play” in the actual program.  One has to look at the Hopman Cup website for that !

I’ll leave out the Results of the Opening Match, in case someone reading this doesn’t know it and wants to find out later.  Of course if you go out to get something to eat or drink, or do something else, you then have to wait until an appropriate break in the tennis ( like when new balls are taken or a set finishes ) before being allowed to return to your seat.

There is very little time between the single Matches and half an hour between the Men’s Match & the Mixed Doubles.  The Matches today finished at about 2.45pm, so as the Women’s Single Match started today at 10.15am, that means all 3 ran for a total of approximately 4 hours, if my math is right.

Even though it was forecast to reach 39 degrees Celsius in Perth today ( and felt like it when we walked back to the Train station ), the Arena indoors was beautifully air-conditioned, even too cold at some times, for which we are very grateful.

All in all, an enjoyable day for all.

Last but not least, a shot ( using my iPod ) showing the depth of view that we had.  It was excellent in terms of being able to see the whole Court action easily, and not having to turn one’s head to the left, then the right!

Perth Arena Silver Seating Row L

Last but not least, if you are interested, I have posted two good links to Tennis terms / phrases below.


http://www.tennis101.com/glossaryoftennisterms.htm   ( includes Australian terms )


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