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Estee Lauder Luxe Collection


Estee Lauder Luxe Beauty Collection 2014For Christmas this year, I gifted to myself the special Estee Lauder Luxe beauty collection, that could be purchased for $98 AUD if one bought an Estee Lauder perfume!  One Christmas several years ago, my partner’s mother gave herself and her daughter ( my partner’s sister ) a beautiful make-up collection each.  Seeing as I love pretty things and I like to look beautiful, I couldn’t help but think “one day I’ll get myself a nice collection.”  Well, here it is ….  the red box that my Estee Lauder Luxe beauty collection came in !

Estee Lauder box

The products came nicely packaged in two layers ( or plastic trays ) in their Navy “train case”, with a beautiful and handy gold-tone cosmetics purse on the bottom of the case.


Estee Lauder Luxe1

These 2 photos show the bottom layer/tray

Estee Lauder Luxe2

And below is a picture of the top layer, containing an eyeshadow/blush compact ( on the left ) and a lip gloss compact & a mascara !!

Estee Lauder Luxe3

Here are the details of the Collection.

Item 1. Deluxe Eye and Cheek Palette with 12 Pure Color Eyeshadow shades in Sugar Cube, Sugar Biscuit, Riviera Rose, Ivory Slipper, Tempting Mocha, Lilac Whimsy, Hot Cinnamon, Nude Fresco, Wild Truffle, Amethyst Spark, Lavish Mink and Chocolate Bliss, and two Pure Color Blush shades in Alluring Rose and Sensuous Rose.

Estee Lauder Luxe eye-blush set - Luxe

These are contained within a mirrored golden compact with a small cheek brush and eyeshadow applicators. The compact has a very attractive gold crocodile pattern on the front.

Item 2.  Three Full-size Pure Color Long Lasting Lipsticks in Sugar Honey, Candy and Bois de Rose.

Estee Lauder lip sticks

Item 3.  Lip Gloss Compact in Pink Innocence, Magnificent Mauve and Orchid Passion.

Estee Lauder lip gloss compact

Item 4.  Pure Color Intense Kajal Eyeliner in Blackened Black

Estee Lauder Kohl pencil_blackenedblack

Item 5.  Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Fallen Angel

Estee Lauder nail lacquer Fallen Angel

Item 6.  Full-size “Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara” in Extreme Black



Item 7.  Full-size Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (3.4 oz.)  – see picture of item in the “train case”


Item 8.  Deluxe Travel-size “Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II”  ( 5ml / 0.24 oz )

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair creme

Item 9.  Deluxe Travel-size “Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Crème”  ( 15ml / 0.7 oz )

Estee Lauder anti-aging creme

Item 10. Two Modern Muse Eau de Parfum Travel Sprays  – see white box in picture of “train case”

item 11.  Look Card  – instructions for a “smoldering night look” & a complimentary color consultation with Estee Lauder

Item 12.  Gold Crocodile-embossed Cosmetics Case

Item 13.  Navy Satin Train Case


The product description for the Pure Color Eyeshadow/Blush palette has the following to say about the Palette. I have included the eyeshadow numbers in case you want to look any of them up or buy any of them by number.

Designed by professional makeup artists for effortless application of pigment-packed color that blends beautifully and stays true all day. Create stunning look with these eyeshadow shades.

12 Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow 0.01 OZ. / 0.4g each (0.12 OZ. / 4.8g total), includes:
30 Sugar Cube (Satin), 60 Sugar Biscuit (Satin), 11 Riviera Rose (Satin), 10 Ivory Slipper (Satin), 63 Tempting Mocha (Shimmer), 67 Lilac Whimsy (Satin), 35 Hot Cinnamon (Shimmer), 47 Nude Fresco (Satin),12 Wild Truffle (Matte), 09 Amethyst Spark (Shimmer), 45 Lavish Mink (Matte), 38 Chocolate Bliss (Matte)

 The Blushes are  0.08 OZ. / 2.3g in weight each, and the product description says this about them:

“Bring your cheeks into full bloom. Fresh, radiant color lasts all day and won’t streak or fade. Includes exclusive True Vision technology. The ultra-silky powder sweeps on sheer for a natural glow. Builds for contoured and sculpted definition with luminous optic technology.”

The Eye-liner weighs 0.039 OZ. / 1.11g and the product description has this to say about it:

“Creamy pencil packs intense color impact. Rich, deeply pigmented color. Glides on velvety-smooth. Blends easily.”


The products that I most eagerly looked forward to were the –

Anti-aging Creme,  and the

Night-time repair creme

The Myer website site ( links above ) explains what the products are about, and how to use them, and shows the costs of the full size bottles (expensive).

However, you may be able to find the total Luxe collection itself on eBay for sale, or some items within it, for individual sale on eBay!

Star Wise

If bought separately, apparently the individual items of this Luxe collection, would total $350.  Yes, I know I “splurged” on this Set for myself ( for $98 ) but I say that I deserve it !!  I will see what I can do with it!


Author: Star Wise

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4 thoughts on “Estee Lauder Luxe Collection

  1. Estee Lauder is having the promotion again with the purchase of a fragrance for $98 again!!! I was contemplating whether to buy it or not when I came across your blog. Great post!

  2. Thank you for visiting my Blog, and leaving a nice comment! I saw the beautiful EL collection “Color Edit” online, with red purse & train case. 🙂

  3. I really want to buy it but I don’t need anymore fragrances!!! I loved you post anyways! It was really cool to look at the differences between the past and current promo. There’s no polish in this promo and the lip glosses are separated items. I do love the red bag it comes in. So tempting!

  4. I know what you mean, I too love the new Set. It would be great if you could find someone – a relative or friend who would chip in and buy a fragrance, so you could claim the Color Edit. You need to buy a 50ml fragrance, which is not terribly cheap (for the average person). Yes it is interesting about the differences, a nail polish included would be nice. I love mine with last year’s Set. The new is supposed to be worth $450 which is $100 more than mine !!

    The Lip Gloss in last year’s set was also separate, it is the eye-shadows and the blush that are together in one compact ( but sometimes it’ hard to tell what is what, LOL, when they are powders or creams ). The Lip Glosses in this year’s collection are in tubes, not creams!!