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The Middle East Transmissions

Sunset at Fremantle Jan 2013

Children of the Sun have a need for people to participate in their powerful Transmissions to the Middle East Region on September 23 & 28, and on October 5 and 12, commencing 8.00 pm in ALL Time Zones.  I have registered and I really appreciate COS for this opportunity which I will throw myself into wholeheartedly.  The following is an extract from the site.

Children of the Sun Foundation launches a most penetrating campaign to greatly assist in transmuting the hate virus and its entire energy hologram that has kept the Middle East locked in a barbaric loop of prejudice, war, violence and killing.

Our immediate priority is to empower the land and the people to rebuild their life force so that the entire energetic system can be re-trained to reject the dis-ease of conflict that has plagued this entire area for centuries.

This missive is to help clear blockages, repair and reconnect the energy grid system. We will purify elemental matter and transmit highly alkalizing healing light. Our group forcefield will deliver a transference, likened to a walloping love vaccine, purposed to trigger eradication of a most deadly, hate empowered virus and its contagious influence.

COS provides a wealth of information on the spiritual dimension of what is going on in our World at this present time.  I encourage Light Beacons to have a look.  Our main work of light workers, “working” to transmute dense energy and negativity directly around us has now shifted slightly to being beacons of light.  By shining out our Love and Light, we influence those immediately around us, and we can inject an outpouring of LOVE into areas like the Middle East, to transform the energies.

Our time has come to create a better Earth for ALL, including OURSELVES. Working together we CAN transform Earth to a bright new World.  In 2012 we passed the point of “No return” to the dark days that COS speaks about.  The Angelics and Spirit Guides have let us know this. 

Remember,  What you focus on GROWS.

Let’s focus on using our privilege to help others help us.  All is ONE.


Thank you Children of the Sun.

Namaste everyone.

Star Wise


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