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Lovehearts at Sweethearts


I have to confess that I’ve got a sweet tooth and when my partner, originally from England, told me about the wonderful lollies / sweets / chocolates in England, I decided I had to sample them when I could !  Last week on Wednesday night I was thinking about the candy hearts with the words on them which I ate when I was a child, and said out loud to him, I wish I had some of those Sweetheart candies with the messages on them.

Well, my wish came true, because the next day we visited AQWA, the Aquarium of Western Australia, in Hillarys.  After our visit, we looked around nearby for somewhere to have lunch.  My partner espied a British lolly / lollie shop aptly called SWEETHEARTS.

Luckily for our “wallets” we ate lunch first, then visited the Candy Shop.  What a treat that was. Above is the hoard that we brought back with us.  Surprisingly, the Love Hearts candies have had a modern make-over, with TEXT ME being the first message I got, and EMAIL ME somewhere in the packet too, LOL.

The Walnut Whips were the “piece de resistance”.  The Nestle website says that in the U.K. one Walnut Whip is eaten every 2 seconds, that’s how popular they are.  Here is a close up of this delight – a whirl-shaped cone of milk chocolate with a whipped vanilla fondant filling, topped with a half-walnut.  When my partner first described them to me, I could not believe him, and dreamed about the day I would get to eat such a delight.  Well, we saw them at SWEETHEARTS, and bought one each, and they live up to their reputation.

Launched in 1910, Walnut Whip is Nestlé’s oldest current brand. It was previously made by Duncan’s of Edinburgh.





Last but not least, here is my red M&M torch keyring, perched on his box of M&Ms.  He has a round button on his back and when you press it, a strong LED torch lights up.  I can unclip him from the candy box and clip him onto my handbag or use him to attach my keys to.  I think he is pretty cool.


M&M torch keyring

I also first got to try the lovely Fox’s Glacier Mints, famous for their polar bear advertisement.  These glassy mints are delicious and more-ish.  It was a very happy day for me.  Fox’s Glacier Mints are the leading, branded boiled mint in the UK. They have been manufactured by Fox’s Confectionery in Leicester since 1918.



glaciermintsClearly a Better Mint

If you are a lover of British sweets, you can feast your eyes on the Catalogue available from the home page of  Blue Thistle.  Based in Western Australia, they provide their sweets South of the River (south of the Swan River, Perth CBD) to Cannington Fresh Markets and Fremantle Candy Markets.  As a child, I lived “South of the River” and can well remember the “wars” we children from North or South of the river would play – along the lines of “South is better” and “No, North is better.”  Both are alright with me, if you can buy British sweets from either side.  Those were the days when we could buy sweets at 3 for one cent !

You can email Blue Thistle to ask about stockists North of the River too, or if you are a wholesaler.  Happy looking, dreaming and eating!




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