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Happy Mother’s Day

11th May 2014 is “Mother’s Day” in Australia, so a very H A P P Y MOTHER’S DAY to all mothers and spiritual mothers too! I am a “mother” to our cat Shandy, according to Shandy cat, so Happy Mother’s Day to me too.





Above is a drawing by one of my 7 year old twin nieces.  There were four mothers out today having lunch out, myself, my partner’s sister (mother of twin girls and another girl), my partner’s mother, and my partner’s sister’s husband’s mother.

The drawing started out with a round circle drawn by my niece which I filled in.  My partner said it looked like Dr Spock and I replied it was supposed to be an Elf.  She drew the top and he drew the pants and I drew the curly bell-topped shoes.  My niece drew the hat with the feather and the stream or river with a mermaid popping its head up.  I drew the bird and the background, except for the little house on the left of the hill.

Someone said the Elf should have a friend, so my Mother-in-Law suggested my niece draw “Big Ears” ( Noddy’s friend as the Elf looks a bit like Noddy ).  Another person said why not draw a Gnome, to which I gasped it would be hard to draw a gnome.  But NO, it wasn’t difficult for my 7 year old niece, and hey presto, a character almost out of “Gnomeo” appears in the picture to the left of the Elf.

Quite a marvelous collaborative effort, wouldn’t you say?  The other twin niece drew the fairy in the background and we all drew some magic fairy dust or sparkles scattered about the picture.

Below is a scan of a photocopy of part of a Card that I chose for my Mother-in-Law.  The Card had removable Tokens, shown below.  I tried to do a colour scan of the whole card but couldn’t get the right drivers on my computer in time, so all I could manage was a black and white photocopy of part of the card.  Now the card is with my partner’s Mother, so I just decided to scan the b&w photocopied image, and here it is.

So, to all Mothers around the World, take it easy –



Tokens for Mothers Day

Author: Star Wise

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