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Pretty in Red



This week I was on my way to work when I saw a BEAUTIFUL LADY IN RED outside a shopping centre. She was handing out pamphlets for $2 coffees at the centre. Her outfit was a work of art. As she was so gorgeous, and in her magnificent attire cheered me up alot, I asked her if I could take a photo of her.

She asked her assistant to take a snap of her with me, so here is the result.

Something out of the ordinary to make my day extraordinary.


Author: Star Wise

Bookaholic and Peace-aholic, and Animal lover, I try to spread peace and fairness for all, and appreciation of, and proper use of the wonderful world we live in. Mitakuye Oyasin - we are all related.

2 thoughts on “Pretty in Red

  1. This picture just made my day. What a great shot.

  2. Thank you Billy, I had a stressful week on the whole last week, but on Wednesday I saw this beautiful lady and that made my Day. I can report that from the looks on some of the faces of people passing by they were not comfortable, apparently thinking something like “that’s weird” or “what’s going on?” or “what am I supposed to do” or “she is scantily clad” etc. but luckily not being either a prude or too judgmental I talked to this beautiful Lady in Red and she was delighted to give me a hug and have our photo taken too. I think I was able to recognize beauty and awesomeness in its own right, and got a reward for that – a photo not just a memory. 🙂