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Win an Amazonite Buddha Bracelet

Amazonite Buddha Bracelet

Amazonite Buddha Bracelet – Merkaba Warrior

More information from Merkaba Warrior

If you are on Facebook, just head over to Merkaba Warrior’s competition page  HERE  where all you have to do is to leave a Comment on the Competition post, and to Like the Page, and once the Page has 600 Likes, a name will be randomly drawn from the names of all of the people who have commented on the Competition post AND have Liked the Page!   You may win a handmade spiritual BEAUTIFUL Amazonite Buddha bracelet.

It has pale green beads and a Buddha-head charm, and can be used as a “mala” or as contemplative beads.   AMAZONITE is an extremely soothing stone and assists in communicating one’s true thoughts and feelings without over-emotionalism.


For the meanings of gemstones, you can get a free Crystal Meaning directory from Jacqui’s site  HERE.   After clicking on the aforementioned Link for Jacqui’s site, scroll down until you see the words “Click here to download our free Crystal Directory”.

Ivan has amazing Bracelets for both MEN and WOMEN.

Below are thumbnails of awe inspiring Bracelets that I personally have purchased from Ivan of Merkaba Warrior.  I could not live without them.  At least, that is to say, I really love them and wear them on both arms.  At the moment it is summer here Down Under and when I go to work, I wear the Coconut bead bracelet with the blue Dragon Vein stone with the Angelite bracelet OR with the Cherrywood bracelet (which has smaller beads) on my right arm, and I wear the GORGEOUS lepidolite bracelet on my left arm.  Sometimes I swap the Angelite for the Sugilite.  Click on a picture to see it in full size.

Once you go to the pictures, clicking on the X in the upper left corner will return you to this Post.


I must CONFESS that my favourite is the LEPIDOLITE bracelet, for its stunning gorgeous deep purple beads, the vermeil gold plated Charm, and the Lotus charm with the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra inscripted on it.   I must confess that I am a Warrior for MERKABA WARRIOR, or maybe an “addict” !!

Please support Ivan and Merkaba Warrior and visit the Store now.   You will not be disappointed.  Click on the Link below to go to the Etsy Store.

Merkaba Warrior –  etsy store


Don’t forget to go in the Facebook Competition to win an Amazing Amazonite Bracelet !




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