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Dr Who?


Did you know the original 1963 Dr Who theme music was composed by Australian, Ron Grainer?

WHO is your favourite Doctor Who? 

twelve Dr Whos

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THIS  site here   shows photos and descriptions of the eleven Dr WHOs so you can place your vote for your very favourite Dr Who actors.   For the dates of each Dr Who, go to the    official BBC site here    and hover your mouse over “50 years of Dr Who” then click on a a name.

Do you know which actor was the longest running in the series?  Click  HERE  for the answer.

If you want to see a rating of all of the episodes from best to worst by io9   have a look at this list here.

William Hartnell, the first Dr Who actor has said of the series and concept, “It is one of the greatest single ideas that television has produced.”

Sydney Newman, the BBC’s head of drama, was a Canadian who had been brought in from ITV where he had created The Avengers, in January 1963.

One of Newman’s first acts was to disband the long-standing Script unit and set up three new departments. It was a process that also allowed him to dismantle the old boys’ network he’d inherited.  One of his many ideas, because he was a lifelong science-fiction fan, was a teatime serial called Doctor Who.   Newman appointed 27-year-old Verity Lambert as producer.

From his previous experience working with her as a production assistant at ABC, Newman was certain Verity had the vigour – or “piss and vinegar” as he’d put it – to bring the concept to the screen. 



After the success of Dr Who, Verity went on to produce Minder and the Jonathan Creek series amongst others.  Dr Who has run from 1963 to the present, with the 8th series (and the 12th Doctor) set to hit British television in August 2014.   The show was cancelled in 1989 and revitalised in 1996, and made a big comeback in 2005.

The BBC’s     “An Adventure in Time and Space”    is an excellent docudrama of how Dr Who began.

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NOTE:   Some actors had a few slightly different Opening Themes spanning the total duration they were on Dr Who.  Just tick the name of the actor who was in the episodes which had your favourite Opening Scene, and in the Comments section of the Poll, you can clarify the years of your chosen Opening Theme if you like.


The Fiftieth Anniversay show of Dr Who,   “The Day of the Doctor”   written by Stephen Moffat, was broadcast in 94 countries at the same time as it aired on BBC One on 23 November 2013 – earning it a Guinness World Record as “the world’s largest ever simulcast of a TV drama”.

Featuring three Doctors – Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt – it delved deep into the character’s psyche over 75 minutes.  When the science-fiction show re-launched in 2005, the idea that the Doctor was the “last of the Time Lords” came into the shows.

In case you haven’t watched the anniversary edition, we won’t describe it here, but if you have watched it and/or want to know about it, you can visit the link below.


Finally, I would like to share some merchandise which I own, to remember –  who ?

Dr Who,  of course!

1965 Dr Who Annual

The First Dr Who Annual – 1965

Title:   The Dr Who Annual 1965.   By Arrangement with BBC tv.

Publisher :   World Distributors (Manchester) Ltd. 1965

Size 7.5 x 10.5 inches. In illustrated hard card covers.  Pictorial endpapers. 93 pages.
With coloured line drawings throughout.
The first Doctor Who Annual, from 1965, with illustrated text stories and a game.
The illustrations show William Hartnell’s Doctor.

1965 Dr Who Annual Back CoverBack cover of the 1965 Dr Who Annual



dw_the_vaultDoctor Who:  The Vault

.The Twelfth Dr Who Revealed

About the Daleks



Perth Bullion issue of 11 silver coins in a case shaped like the Dr’s Fob watch

( no I don’t own these, but the pics are nice to look at )


Create your own Dalek using this great fun

Dalek Colour Scheme Creator“.

Follow the steps to colour each element of your own Dalek by clicking on one of the choices or parts under Step One then clicking on a colour below to colour just that one part.   Once you have finished, click on “Generate File for saving” under Step Four.

NOTE:  this will generate a file type called SVG.   After you have clicked on Download SVG File, making sure you know where you saved your Dalek in its SVG format, you can then go to this nifty   ONLINE CONVERTER   site to convert / change your SVG picture to a JPG picture !!

All you have to do is click on the Browse button on the webpage for the Online Converter programme, and find your SVG image then click on Convert File, wait a while and then save your JPG picture / file.   Be patient.  I had to try twice before it worked, but it does work.  Here is the proof – my own Dalek creation !!

Go to the Home page of the Dr Who site, and click on “Features & Games” at the top, and you will find a free   “Classic Dalek Customiser”   under Fun Stuff, to try out too.


A Dalek Creation by Star Wise

A Dalek Creation by Star Wise


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Questions and Answers

Why is the Tardis a Police Box?  

Why are there so many Doctors?


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3 thoughts on “Dr Who?

  1. I have to admit, I’ve never quite gotten into Dr. Who, but I know many people who have. My taste in British TV runs more toward Monty Python, or The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin.

  2. I’m relatively new to Doctor Who, only having gotten into it over the past year,but it was a quick addiction for me 🙂 I do kind of remember seeing a few Tom Baker episodes when I was little, on our PBS tv station (which airs some BBC shows), however. Having to pick one favorite is hard as they are all great and I love Matt Smith and David Tennant almost equally. But having gone back and seen a few episodes of classic Doctor Who as well, I had to say Tom Baker.

  3. Hi Jeanne, thanks so much for visiting my Blog & leaving a comment. Yes all the Doctors are great & I also quite like the second last Matt Smith, and have yet to see the first version with the 12 Doctor. We love the Theme Music. “The Day of the Doctor” is worth watching, if you get a chance.

    Thank you for going in the Poll. Have a great day. 🙂