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Of Boats and Birds, of Fremantle & Fishing



John Steinbeck wrote “Of Mice and Men”, here I am writing of “boats and birds” and of “Fremantle and Fishing”.   The above photo (click to see it larger) was taken by me of a Crested Tern bird at the South Mole (harbour) of Fremantle city, in Western Australia.   A “Mole” in harbour terms is a massive wall built out into the sea to protect a shore or harbour from the force of waves.

Sean and I went fishing there, arriving by 6.00am, Friday 31st January 2014 (the start of Chinese New Year 2014 / 2015 ) because I had looked up the tides and best fishing days on the internet and advised him it was a time of high fish activity, after the “Super Moon.”

Well, Life is funny, because we hardly caught anything, as opposed to when we went last which was on the Public Holiday for Australia Day, Monday 27th January 2014.  He caught about 12 fish then, and you can read   what happened to two of those fish  at my other Blog, Fascinating Animals, if you really want to.

When I say “Life is funny”, of course I mean Life is curious, and it was due to curiosity that having photographed a huge cargo ship coming into Fremantle, see photos below, that I went to the trusty Internet to look up details about it.




From: http://www.fleetmon.com/en/vessels/Great_Mary_48455

The ship GREAT MARY (IMO: 9217888, MMSI: 538002419) is a General cargo vessel registered in Marshall Islands (northern Pacific).  She was built in 2000.

Gross Tonnage: 19878
DeadWeight: 32170
Length x Breadth: 171.6m x 27m

This ship has been marked Handysize.  She is sailing to Aqaba, Jordan (Red Sea), estimated time of arrival is 8 October.


So, there you have it.  Fremantle harbour is Western Australia’s largest and busiest general cargo port and an important historical site.  If you would like to see the fishing sites that Iam talking about, please go to the Harbour cam of the Fremantle Ports website.

Where you see Fleet Street, there is a camera icon at the end of Fleet Street and if you click on it, you will see a live camera shot of “the South Mole”.  This is where Sean takes me fishing, because there are flat rocks on the north side of the quay (facing the North Mole), and altogether the rough rocks are not too bad for me to get down and up, by great contortions of scrabbling my way across, usually on all “fours”.

Now, the North Mole is said to a better fishing area, by Sean but he will mostly go there by himself because the rocks are more dangerous there.  Also, he likes to fish close to the quay entrance where, he says, the wind in your face is not quite as strong as it is further along the quay, more out into the deep ocean.  Visit the Fishing Western Australia website, to see what they say about what fish are caught at both the North Mole and the South Mole.

These days I go fishing with Sean, as his trusty assistant.  Some years ago, when I myself tried some fishing, using my little “Shakespeare” rod, I actually caught a decent Snapper off the South Mole, but on the other side to where we now usually fish, which is the windier side, hence we don’t fish on that side as much.

Back then, we would go fishing together in February and March, either late at night or earlyish in the morning.  That was when Sean was re-learning how to fish and enthused about trying things out, and about what we might catch.

Back then, Sean caught loads of legal sized bream, and once a whole lot of herring went past and we caught some of them.  I like fresh herring (especially caught by us), but not herring in tins from the supermarket.

Those were the days.  I worked out lovely recipes for sauce with grapes to go with baked bream.  We also caught and ate Flathead which are delicious to eat, despite their appearance which is strange to some people.  However, I didn’t like reeling them in and keeping them for some obscure reason.  Well, honestly the reason is that I really admire the Flathead fish for their amazing structure, being of course of a flattened shape with the eyes on top of their head.

Because I like and admire them, and sort of treat them as a “neighbour” or a “friend”, I don’t like killing them.  Such viewpoints are some of the strange curiosities of human beings.

Often I would be fast asleep and then the alarm would go off at 6.00am and then Sean would leap up and grab a coffee.  Soon he would gently wake me and ask me, “do you want to go fishing?”   I would grumble sleepily, “No, I don’t want to go fishing.”  Then a split second later, I would throw back the covers and leap out of bed myself and say “Yes of course I’m going fishing”.


I like to go fishing for the fresh air, the great out-doors, to be near the sea, and of course to be with my partner, and to assist him, and of course I like to go, simply out of curiosity.  You never know what he will catch, or indeed what will happen at all.

Also, like the Native American Indian tradition, when we take home fish to eat, I say “sorry, and thank you for this bounty and for all the blessings that I have.”  We respect the marine life and frown upon those who over-fish and upon the person we once saw who emerged from the sea at the South Mole in a wet-suit holding onto a gaff, and with his other hand, on to a swag of huge sized fish.

The rules for Spearfishing and the size limits and takes for fishing in Western Australia can be downloaded from the Department of Fisheries website.  A landing net and a rod holder can be handy to take when fishing in Fremantle.  We take them when we go fishing.  Here are some more photos of boats at Fremantle, that I took on another Fishing Day.  The first photo could be a picture postcard.

Primrose Ace

Primrose Ace

Primrose Ace

Primrose Ace

I’ll leave it up to you to find out more information about the “Primrose Ace” if you want to.


To prove that I really do sometimes go fishing, here is a photo of me at Kalbarri in October 2011.

Fishing at Kalbarri

And here is a photo I took of our Kalbarri fishing spot

showing the sky mirroring the water !


To finish off, here are some more photos that I took

of our fishing adventure on 31 January 2014

Clouds-at-FremantleClouds taken at 6.54am on 31 January 2014

North-Mole-Fremantle-31-JanAn interesting snapshot of rocks, sea, and algae covered rock

Harbour-entrance-South-MoleThe entrance to the South Mole taken at 6.55am on 31 January 2014

Seagull-at-FremantleA lone seagull on the lookout at the South Mole

Crested-Tern-Fremantle-North Mole

Crested-Tern-Fremantle-North MoleMore photos of the Crested Tern whose picture first graces this post

To top of this experience, I was privileged enough to see BOTH a Sea-lion and a Dolphin on   CHINESE New Year’s Eve 2014   at the South Mole.
Yes, they do come into the harbour, and I saw a Sea-lion pop its head up right where we were, and then after that I saw a Dolphin leaping for joy as it made its way into the harbour.

Nice !  I hope that you enjoy my Photos. 

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2 thoughts on “Of Boats and Birds, of Fremantle & Fishing

  1. Hi Celine, great pics, the colors just jump out at you. Alas, we here in Connecticut are in the middle of a snow storm (so I’m jealous.) All my best.

  2. Hi Billy, thank you. I am very pleased with these photos and have the first tern pic as my PC Wallpaper. Heard about the amazing cold snap in the U.S.A. and wish it was over. Strange how there are such extremes of weather. It is okay as long as it is not too humid here or if we don’t have a heat-wave. Also, of course Summer is a worrisome time here for bush-fires.

    That said, I’m glad u like the Photos and said so. The colors are great, I agree, and the Bird photo meditative. 🙂