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Cat defeats diamond ring, guitar, toy robot & helicopter

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Yes, it’s MONOPOLY.

Monopoly’s iconic tokens are said to have originated when the niece of game creator Charles Darrow suggested using charms from her charm bracelet for tokens. The game is based on the streets of Atlantic City, N.J., and has sold more than 275 million units worldwide.   Go to the  MONOPOLY WIKI   to read about the fascinating history of Monopoly.   I played the English / London edition although, because I live in Australia and that is the edition that we bought here.

Out with the Iron and in with the Cat.

A vote was held this year to replace the good old Iron.  The cat defeated the diamond ring, a guitar, a toy robot, and the helicopter to find itself among the lot.  THIS   page here has pictures of all the charms / tokens to date and a history of retirement of old pieces and introducement of new pieces.    Sadly, for those who loved the IRON, it has been retired and replaced with the silver cat.   As someone who loved the iron, and secretly thought the Wheelbarrow should have been replaced with the Cat, I had to concede that the Cat had a place in Monopoly.   Those outraged that a Cat had been chosen should know that cats have “nine lives”.

THIS   News.msn web page shows the iron was voted out only by a narrow vote.   It also has this to say about the recent Facebook vote.

The results were announced after the shoe, wheelbarrow and iron were neck and neck for elimination in the final hours of voting that sparked passionate efforts by fans to save their favorite tokens, and by businesses eager to capitalize on publicity surrounding pieces that represent their products

I wonder what turfing out the Iron says about our collective pysche?   The following list has now been amended with the iron no longer in future Monopoly boards and the Cat in.

  • Top Hat
  • Thimble
  • Shoe
  • Battleship
  • Race Car
  • Scottie Dog
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Iron

There is a Limited Edition Golden Token Bonus set with a nice gold tone set of the 8 above plus the 5 top propsed tokens, all in gold tone.   I have this Set and as to whether I will actually open it and play a game with it is still to be decided.   I may keep the set for re-sale later.   Here is a picture of it below.


You can see it has the 8 “old” tokens in gold on the left

The 5 contending tokens are in gold on the right.

My sister has the 1935 Commemorative set in a lovely embossed tin with the 1935 / 1936 tokens including the Lantern, the Purse and the Rocking Horse.  The tin and the tokens are shown below.  It was released in 1985.

1985 commemorative Monopoly set

Antiqued Tokens from Commemorative 1985 Monopoly Set

In 1991 the Franklin Mint released a Limited Collector’s Edition with real 24 karat gold plated tokens and hotels

& real silver plated Houses !!

Franklin Mint Commemorative Monopoly tokens

Franklin Mint Commemorative Monopoly tokens

The pictures are from “The World of Monopoly”.

You can read about the complete history of the token changes at

the World of Monopoly website

So, how many different variants of the Monopoly Board Game have there been?

The answer is ALOT.   Click  HERE  to see a long list of some, but not all of them.

I note the “Scooby Doo Collectors Edition” isn’t listed.  I like “Scooby Doo” and the Monopoly version appeals to me.   In the past I fleetingly considered getting myself the “Cat Lover’s Monopoly Board Game”, LOL, but refrained.

 I have tried a board set with the new “electronic banking unit“, and I think the electronic unit is quite good.   A battery operated unit is used to swipe cards for each player to add up and subtract one’s income, as with the “Simpsons” electronic Monopoly set, which I admit to having played.

In summary, it seems it is not enough for there to be a CAT LOVER”S MONOPOLY board set, but now the kitty cat has claimed its own place as a token on the standard boards.

Please go in a POLL or two below to join in the fun, and add your piece.

1991 Franklin Mint Monopoly set3 1991 Franklin Mint Monopoly set1 1991 Franklin Mint Monopoly set21991 Franklin Mint Collector’s Edition


Monopoly London edition Board

Monopoly English – London edition Board

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