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Full Moon and Spring or Winter Equinox 2013

Full Moon September 2013

The September Equinox  occurs on 22nd or 23rd September 2013, depending upon where you live.  The Equinox happens when Earth’s poles are the same distance from the Sun.  On this day there are roughly 12 hrs of day and 12 hrs of night.   In the Southern Hemisphere where I live, it is of course called the Spring Equinox as we are in Spring now, heading into Summer.  In the Northern Hemisphere it is called the Autumn Equinox.


The   timeanddate  website tells us the exact moment when the Sun shines directly on the Equator.  This point of time will be 4.44 am in Perth Western Australia, on Monday 23rd September 2013, and 4.44pm in the eastern states of the U.S.A. on Sunday 22nd September 2013.  The timeanddate page also has a link for Local time of the Equinox Worldwide.

I find this amazing because in Numerology, the number 4 is of special importance, especially 3 fours together as such.   444, a triplet number around the number 4 is said by esoteric numerologists to denote an angelic presence, or in other words that Angels are strongly around and will help people if only we pay close attention to what is going on around and within us.

This  Museum Victoria  web page explains the Equinoxes and Solstices very well.

Furthermore, those who have been looking at the “Mayan end of calendar” phenomenon, believe that there was a significant change globally last year and that it would take 9 months for that change to set in.  In other words, they believe the first nine months of this year have been a sort of Prologue or introduction to a quantum leap in human consciousness, and that today, 21 September 2013 marks the start of a period within the current generation of human beings, when there will be a Quantum leap in Consciousness for the better of all.

The Earth’s Solar System lined up with the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy in 2012 and this happens only every 225 million years ago, when there is a leap in evolution.  At the last 225 mya, the Dinosaurs appeared, and the 225 mya before then, aquatic plants moved onto land and became land based plants, and 225 mya before then, single cells somehow got together to “work” together for the whole, and multi-cellular Life appeared on Earth !!

This previous week also saw the “Harvest Moon” in the Northern Hemisphere, so called because it gave farmers in the Northern Hemisphere extra light to plant their crops by.  The term “Harvest Moon” or “Corn Moon” is used to describe the full moon that occurs closest to the September “Fall” or Winter Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.

For skywatchers in North America, the   Harvest Moon   was expected to rise shortly after sunset (depending on your location) on September 18 and to peak at 7.13am EDT the next day.

But we here Down Under also got the benefits of the glorious beautiful Full Moon.   The photo above is gritty as it was taken hastily by me using a little Canon Digital camera, but you can click on it and get the idea of what the Moon was like on the day it was taken – which was last night – Friday, 20th September 2013.   You can see a slanted ray of light running vertically through the Moon connecting Earth to the Cosmos !!    At the time the snap was taken, the Moon was against a beautiful silvery Cloud which I thought looked like the shape of a Dinosaur head !!

The link  HERE  shows the Moon phases/schedule.   This page  HERE  shows the locations and influences of the Planets and Moon, e.g. the Sun is currently in Virgo.  The Moon was in Virgo on Thursday, thus accounting for me, being a quadruple Virgo ( i.e. with 4 “Planets” including the Sun ) in Virgo, feeling the need intensely to express myself.  Luckily, I had the week off work on leave, so was able to turn my hand (or energy) toward blogging (as I run many blogs) and researching issues of great concern to myself.  I have had a “fruitful” even if a mixed week, with both sad happenings and glad happenings.

Another good website to look at with regard to the position of the Planets at any current time is   “Where are the Planet Now.”

My partner said to me that I am a “protector” of sorts, e.g. a protector of bees, and I started thinking about that, as I am trying to hone or refine what my truest deepest intention for myself is, so that I can “sign” a contract or agreement between myself and my Co-creative partner, being God or the Divine, to manifest my intention or desire.   I asked myself what am I protecting, and answered myself, I guess I am protecting what I stand for or what I belive in.   That revelation makes me feel happy as it resonates with me, and is helping me to stand up for myself, and to create my own reality to the best that I can, and not to let others be responsible for themselves.

The Moon in Pisces and the Sun in Virgo is about balancing the spiritual with the material.  If we educate ourselves and raise awareness of matters dear to us, and try to guide and teach others about how to live Life how we would like it to be lived, while letting others walk their own Paths if they choose not to learn from us, then we have done a good job.   Happy Equinox !


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