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Incredible Tretchikoff by Boris Gorelik

If you love the “Green Lady” as much as I do, and am also awed and so grateful for Vladimir Tretchikoff’s amazing beautiful paintings, then you will be very pleased to know that a wonderful book all about the life of Tretchikoff has been published!

It was written by Boris Gorelik and details can be found at the Art Books website HERE.   At the time of posting this, the book is available for a good price online for UK and US customers, and will be available in a couple of weeks to Australian buyers, of whom I will be one of the first to acquire a book.



Incredible Tretchikoff – Life of an Artist and Adventurer” is the first complete biography of this amazing artist.   The first post I did on this Blog was about Tretchikoff’s Green Lady – see HERE – and I can tell you unequivocally WHY it was my first post.

I consider that I am a creative and imaginative person, and in this way I am an “artist”, in the sense that I believe that we all weave and co-create our own “realities”, and express this.  I believe we live in a metaphorical world – where all is not what it seems – that below the “surface” there are layers and messages.

What happens to us in the moment is meant to happen but is an eternal moment for us to live by in 3-D as human beings, in terms of learning something from that moment or using that moment as “input”.  In this way I have been able to survive my child-hood and “past”.

“The Green Lady” unequivocally helped me to survive my past.  It is a picture that I ( and I am sure many others ) hold dear.  Speaking for myself, it is a link to the “mother figures” in my past, because my parents had the picture in pride of place at home, and it also resonated deep within.  I am one of Australia’s oldest inter-country adopted persons, brought from Penang Malaya, of Chinese birth parents, into a new family and a new culture and country, when I was a baby.

My earlier years have been extremely difficult ( of course, in my own perspective ) and Tretchikov’s Artwork helped to pull me through.

Who would have thought that a green lady could help a person survive?  Well, she did, because in hindsight, I believe that she was a mirror of me – someone both alien and beautiful – alien because she was green in colour – and beautiful because she is indeed beautiful.   I felt somewhat “alien” because I was in a strange “world”, caught between two worlds for a time, and I often felt lost .

The “Green Lady” was “alien” to me, because she was patently green.  The “Green Lady” is green.  “The Green Lady” is green and Asian.  She was a sister, a mother and a mirror of me, all at once.

And of course, by “beautiful” I mean inner beauty.

In times of trouble and sadness when I lived at my childhood home, I would spend a long time staring at “the Green Lady” and it was she that gave me great comfort and held the promise of happiness and safety for me.  Even now, I imagine her often as she is now a reminder to me that I had the resources to pull through.

Tretchikoff’s personal story is truly amazing and wonderful, and Boris’ book is not only beautifu, but inspiring to artists and “non artists”.  My Life and the creative efforts of humankind have shown me the following, which is one of my core beliefs.

Art and craft and music are the language of the Soul.  Living is the language of the Soul too, because rightful Living is the music of the Universe expressed.

Everyone is an “artist” of sorts.  We just need to express it wholesomely, and to appreciate it.


Celine ( aka Star Wise )

Chinese Green Lady by Vladimir Tretchikoff

Chinese Green Lady by Vladimir Tretchikoff

Author: Star Wise

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