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Princess Diana Outfits & Dolls

The world lost a beautiful and kind soul with the death of Princess Diana.  I am happy, as a tribute to her, to own a lovely Franklin Mint Porcelain doll of Diana wearing her beaded high collar “Elvis” dress, complete with accessories.  Here are photos of my doll and of Diana wearing the outfit.  I got my doll some time ago from eBay.



I found on the internet a website showing lovely photos of Princess Diana,  AND   Princess Diana dolls dressed in gorgeous, cleverly made and artistically created custom dresses / outfits – all of which have been sold – at  THIS  page here.

You can see Franklin Mint Dolls for sale at least in 2008 ( at the time the website was last dated ) and dolls wearing customised OAK ( one of a kind ) outfits from  THIS   page of  “Spoiled Swans”.

If you love Princess Diana and want to see awesome photos of her in her beautiful outfits, and / or if you are looking to buy a Diana doll for yourself or a special someone,  visit the first link in this post.

Author: Star Wise

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