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Waalaa Jewelry – my beautiful brooches


Parrot Trio Brooch

Showcasing my three beautiful brooches which are absolutely stunning and adorable, bought online from Waalaa Jewelry, U.S.A.

Above is a photo of my beautiful trio of Parrots – of moonglow cabochons and rhinestones.   Below is an adorable Gerry’s seal in gold-tone with a green moonglow ball.

Gerry seal with moonglow ball

And here below – a blue and white opalescent Angel Fish brooch

Fish brooch

These brooches are unique, petite and gorgeous, and affordably priced.  I can vouch for the professionalism and warmness of Leesa, whom offers her unique and vintage jewellery for sale, including brooches, necklaces and other items.  Please visit Leesa’s site for something lasting and un-usual, or for a special gift that you deserve for yourself.

All from Waalaa Jewelry online at –



Courtesy of Leesa ( waalaa ) Axley
Portland, TN, USA


Author: Star Wise

Bookaholic and Peace-aholic, and Animal lover, I try to spread peace and fairness for all, and appreciation of, and proper use of the wonderful world we live in. Mitakuye Oyasin - we are all related.

5 thoughts on “Waalaa Jewelry – my beautiful brooches

  1. Thank you so much for your sweet words and this wonderful blog! I feel honored!

  2. You are very welcome Leesa. Whenever I wear one of your brooches to work, it gets noticed. I’m lucky I got 3 of your nicest and most unique “animal themed” brooches. 🙂

  3. Wow all the designs are so beautiful. I just love the three brooches ,it is so beautiful.Can you please tell me with which material it is made up..

  4. Hi Dawes, sorry for the late reply. I know the stones are “moonglow cabochons” and I think that means lucite (a type of acrylic) manufactured in such a way that the colour is reflected in a mirror moon like way! If you go to Leesa’s store, you can message her about a “moonglow” item, for more information.

    I know Leesa ( waalaa jewelery ) has got some beautiful green Moonglow brooches on Sale at the moment. She has the FISH for sale currently too, but I’m not sure if it is made from lucite. However it is very “pearlescent” or smooth and reflective.

    I love them all too. Thanks for posting and I hope you find something that is just perfect for you, from Waalaa Jewellery. 🙂


  5. Thanks a lot for your reply