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Joy is like the Rain – Medical Mission Sisters

Who knows the spiritual songs “It’s a Long Road to Freedom” and “Joy is like the Rain (1966)”.   I was brought up with the MMS songs and I love them.  I attended a Catholic Primary School, St Pius the X.

The National Catholic Reporter says:

Miriam Therese Winter, a Medical Mission Sister, is professor of liturgy, worship and spirituality at Hartford Seminary in Hartford, Conn. She is the author of 15 books, including Paradoxology, The Singer and the Song and The Gospel According to Mary. She is the composer of 15 recordings, including the gold record album “Joy is Like the Rain.” She has served the poor on three continents and is a popular speaker in the United States, Canada and Australia.

Miriam Therese Winter, born 1938, has been an advocate nationally and internationally for an emerging feminist spirituality and for the full liberation of women, which she considers essential to ensuring the well-being of our planet and a necessary first step toward the liberation of all people.  She is deeply committed to a vision of one world rooted in an understanding of the interconnectedness of all creation.

She founded the Women’s Leadership Institute.    You can listen to God gives His People Strength at this page here as a midi file, and download the words for the songs at the MMS website   HERE  – scroll down to the bottom and click on “Download the Lyrics next to “Joy is like the Rain.”   Beautiful songs, beautiful voices, and beautiful messages and singers.

The Medical Mission Sisters website can be found at this link   HERE.   It is a reminder to me of how selflessness combined with a true love and care for others, in addition to skill, motivation and intelligence, has a huge help in the world.

If you live in the U.S. you can buy the “Joy is Like the Rain” album via the MMS site, and if you live outside the U.S. you can purchase it from Catholic Music US.

I had the Woman Song CD and Songbook when I was younger, and the Medical Mission Sisters influenced me hugely.

MMS began in Washington in 1925 by a young Austrian doctor, called Anna Dengel.   Anna had a vision that a group of women health professionals who dedicated their lives to God could make a difference in helping women have access to the health care they deserved.  She saw this not only as a work of charity, but also one of justice.


It’s a long road to Freedom

A winding steep and high,

But when you walk in love

With the wind on your wing

And cover the earth

with the songs you sing

The miles fly by.


1- I walked, one morning by the sea

And all the waves reached out to me

I took their tears, then let them be…


2- I walked, one morning at the dawn

When bits of night still lingered on

I sought my star, but it was gone…


3- I walked, one morning with a friend

And prayed the day would never end

The years have flown, so why pretend…


4- I walked, one morning with my King

And all my winters turned to spring

Yet every moment, held it’s sting…

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