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The Energy of 2013 by Simone Matthews


The 21/22 February 2013 is prophesied as marking the beginnings of a whole new cycle of our cosmic evolution.  You may experience ‘lightbulb’ moments or dreams/visions of potentials beyond your perceived limitations… take note of your experiences as they are messages from your higher-self regarding your journey this year.  Be gentle with yourself as emotions maybe running high, and sleep maybe disturbed during this time.

This year, through the power of the number 13, humanity is awakening to the sensuality and powerful creativity of the Divine Feminine from within.  The snake, representing rising kundalini and transformation, the number 13 expressed through the 13 feminine moon cycles within a solar year and the element of water… creates a flow, a fluid rippling of the creative, feminine and mystical energy through the hearts of humanity… an awakening to the Divine Feminine from within.

Please go to Simone’s site – link below

to read more of this powerful message for this year 2013.



Author: Star Wise

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