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Chi-Chi Party Princess Nail Polish

chi-chi-party-princess-nail polish set 2

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chi-chi-party-princess-nail po

I really like Chi-Chi Nail Polish.  It comes in a huge range of beautiful colours and collections or sets, including Crackle, and it is in-expensive.  This boxed set is usually $20 for 8 polishes, which works out at $2.50 per polish, but it was at Myers two weeks ago on “special” which means I bought it for $15.



I love these pastel colours and the collection includes two glitter nail polishes, being gold and purple.  These are clear coats with coloured glitter.  They had Magnetic Nail Polish sets too, which means you get little magnets with your polishes which you draw / hover over the polish to create groovy patterns.  You can read about them and see them by visiting the Chi-Chi official website.    When I was looking for Crackle polish, I could only find a Chi-Chi brand for them, and I have tried out the gold.  The crackle polish goes over the top of a base colour and gives a cracked spidery effect.

Below is a photo of my left hand showing my use of the above set.  I put the pastel blue down as a base coat, then painted orange diagonal stripes on the tips, and finally put gold glitter over the blue parts.  Sorry the photo is blurry.   I don’t know why the camera does that in my hands.    The Chi-chi nail polish is long lasting.  I had this pattern on for over 2 weeks and it stayed on with normal use of my hands.

chi-chi-nail polish

I wore this at our workplace Christmas function and someone there asked me “how did you get it on?” and I replied, “oh, I put the blue on first and then ….. ” but she interrupted me and said “no, no, how did you stick the nails on?”   To which I replied “these are my real nails” which drew gasps from the crowd.   Yes, they are my own – they are quite strong and grow quickly – as does my black hair, a sign of good health, so I have been told.   If you are a palm-reader, you can even read my palm for me, if you like, haha.

UPDATE:  7 October 2013 –   Below is a photo of the yellow in the set above, I love this yellow, it is a honey lemon colour & great with blue !!




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